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10 Pitfalls to Avoid for Your Commercial Roof

Every business owner knows that a commercial roof is costly. However, if your business building needs a new roof, there is no way around it. As a business owner, you might be concerned about the cost, the length of time it takes for the work to get done, and for possible things that can go wrong in the process. So, in planning for a new roof, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure that the roof is installed correctly. When everything is done right, your roof will last many years without any problems.

There are common mistakes that you need to avoid if you want your roofing project to go smoothly. Here are the mistakes to watch out for.

1 – Delaying the Roof Replacement for Too Long

It is not uncommon for people to not think about the roof on their business building all the time. After all, if it is keeping the occupants safe, there is nothing to think about. It is true that it is not necessary to think about the roof everyday, but you should be mindful about it every now and then. If you completely ignore it, your roof can end up with lots of issues.

You never want to wait until you start seeing leaks before you replace the roof. The lifespan of a typical commercial roof can be 20 to 50 years.

However, your roof is constantly subject to bad weather, animals, and other things that can weaken and damage your roof, which shorten its lifespan. The big mistake is waiting until the roof is in bad shape before replacing it. By delaying repairs or replacement, you have a more expensive problem on your hands, and the weakened roof might have caused other damage to the building in the mean time. Problems like mold and rotting support structure can be costly and difficult to fix.

Therefore, have the roof inspected periodically and get it replaced when there is a risk that it can no longer do its job adequately. Do not make the mistake of delaying it.

2 – Not Scheduling Regular Inspections

A good way to determine if your roof needs replacing is by scheduling regular inspections. However, many business owners make the mistake of not doing this. They fall into the trap of ignoring their roof until problems arise. By the time they see a problem, the damage has already caused a lot of other expensive problems. When the roof undergoes regular inspections, potential problems are identified early. The professional roofer can fix the problems early and maintain the roof before further damage happens. This will add years to your roof’s lifespan, and it will save you money in the long run.

3 – Not Removing Old Roofing Material Before Applying New Material

It is a myth that if you just add new roof material over the old material, you will have a solid roof. This is not how it works. The old roofing material has been subjected to a myriad of elements, like bad weather and grime, and has weakened over the years. The UV rays from the sun has broken down the roof material and have made the roof even more prone to breakage. If you just place the new roof material over the damaged old material, you will not get a good seal as the old layer beneath continues to deteriorate. The dirt trapped between the two layers will cause additional problems and corrosion and shorten the life of the new roof.

Therefore, if you want the new roof to be solid and tight, you need to remove the old roof material. This is an extra step for the roofing installers, but it is a necessary one. By providing a solid foundation for your new roof, you can count on the new roof to last a long time.

4 – Not Including a Leak Barrier

A leak barrier reinforces the water-tightness of the roof. It is an additional cost, but the extra layer of protection is well worth it. In the long run, it will reduce the risk of mold infestation, wood rot, and conditions that can threaten the integrity of the structure. Exposure to mold leads to all kinds of health problems, and you cannot take that risk with the building’s occupants. A leak barrier can give your roof that extra layer of protection. Do not make the mistake of not adding this to your commercial roof system.

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5 – Insufficient Ventilation

Proper ventilation is just as important as the leak barrier. When there is enough air circulation, you reduce the moisture content that can build up on top of the building.

When ventilation is insufficient, this can also lead to excessive heat on your roof. This can cause roofing material to warp, which can affect its water-tightness. When the roof is installed by qualified professionals, they will make sure that the roof installation includes sufficient ventilation so your roof will provide optimal performance.

6 – Attempting To Repair the Roof Yourself

Repairing a commercial roof might look simple from the ground, but it is actually quite complex. If you think you can repair this yourself, that would be the worst decision you can make. You can actually do more harm than good. If you do a poor job, you will end up calling a professional roofer to fix your mistake, and the cost would be a lot more than what it would have been originally.

The smart thing to do is to call the roofer to begin with. They are trained on all roofing issues. They can fix the problem easily and keep your roof in good shape. Trying to save money by doing this yourself is not advisable because not only can you do more damage to your roof, but you put your own safety at risk. If you slip and fall, you can sustain serious and permanent injuries, and it might even result in your death.

Working on top of the roof is hard work. You have the heat from the sun to deal with. You can be faced with high winds. You are subject to all kinds of weather elements that can impact your health. Professional roofers have proper safety gear to protect themselves when they work on top of a commercial roof. They have the right equipment to fix the roof’s problem. Hiring a professional roofer is a good investment because you cannot put a price on your safety.

7 – Problems with the Decking

The foundation on which the roofing material is laid is call the decking. If the decking has issues, your roof will have problems. Without professional roofing experience, you would not be able to tell if the decking has any problems. That means you will not know what to fix. A decking with problems can lead to leaks and weak support for your roof, which eventually might lead to the roof collapsing. Therefore, don’t try to troubleshoot roof problems yourself. Call in a professional so they can diagnose the problem accurately.

8 – Not Paying Attention To the Drip Edge

The drip edge directs rainwater away from the roof and building and into the gutters. This is an important building element because it keeps water from seeping into the roof and into the structure. Some people make the mistake of not paying attention to the drip edge. If this is not installed properly, water will get into the building and will cause structural problems over time. You never want this to happen because it can cause major damage.

9 – Improper Nailing

The roofing material is held down by nails in the proper places. If the nails are not in the right places, this can cause the roof material to lift up, and water can seep in beneath. The accumulation of water beneath will weaken the roof and cause its eventual collapse. Professional roofers know how to properly nail down the roofing materials. There is a method to it. Anyone without this knowledge should not be laying down roof material.

10 – Working With a Substandard Roofing Contractor

Just like no two people are alike, no two roofing contractors are alike. The service standards can vary widely. If you need a roofing contractor, always hire the one who gives you the best customer service. Here are some important criteria to check:

– Must be properly and currently licensed and insured
– Must have many years of experience
– Must have a good reputation. If they are a well-established company with good reviews, that is a good sign that their clients are satisfied with their work on their commercial roofs.
– Offer satisfaction guarantees on their work. The best roofers will stand behind their work. If you have any roof issues shortly after the roof is finished, the best roofer will fix these mistakes without charge so your roof system will provide your business with solid protection for years to come.

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