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3 Things to Avoid Regarding Your Commercial Roof

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There have been many flat roofs that have been lifted up or completely blown off commercial buildings in Texas due to storms kicking up severe wind gusts. Fortunately, most of the time, injuries are avoided, but the peeled away roofs rare a reminder that commercial flat roofing is no place for amateurs. If the building owner or facilities manager just happened to be up on the roof to do something they thought was simple, like checking the drains, when the storm hit, as an example, much worse results would have occurred and made major, tragic headlines. Unnecessary rooftop visits are just one practice to avoid with commercial flat roofing.

Keep Off Your Roof
Rooftop visits that aren’t necessary are just one practice to avoid with commercial flat roofing systems. Some owners think of their building Commercial Roof Inspectionsas their personal property, the same as you might look at something you own like a guard dog. But, you know the guard dog can sometimes bite the hand that feeds it. A roof should be treated with the same type of caution – it will be there, inviting you to climb up on top of it, but roofs can be very unpredictable. The less time you spend on your roof, the safer you are. Leave inspections and repairs to the experienced professionals like Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors. We have the trained crews, specialized equipment and certified training to walk your commercial flat roofing safely and securely.

Don’t Procrastinate Repairs
Another troubling behavior to avoid is procrastinating your roof repairs. Ignoring the trouble signs of a potential leak – ponding, musty odors in the interior, ceilings that are stained, or moisture damaged roof insulation – will only cause your eventual repair to be more expensive.
If your commercial property has any of these signs pointing to a leak, get that small repair made as quickly as you can, before it turns into a major roof replacement project. You can also avoid damage to your insulation and roof decking with prompt attention to repairs. This quick repair strategy will always save you money in the long run.

You Need Experienced Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

Don’t Do Repairs Yourself
Some property owners think they can do minor roof repairs themselves. You or your property manager might think of yourselves as “handy with a hammer”. Why would you risk your business, your inventory and your employees’ jobs going up on a roof to try to make an amateur repair? The do-it-yourself approach might work for a while to clear a clogged scupper or something similar, but for most commercial flat roof repair, you need the guidance and experience of a professional commercial roofer.

• Differing roofs require different materials.
• A common issue is someone using chemical solvents to clean or seal seams that were originally sealed with heat.
• Not only can amateurs use the wrong roof surfacing materials, they can unknowingly put fair and unfair metals in contact with each other – causing galvanic corrosion

Now that you have a good idea of a few things what you shouldn’t do on your commercial roofing, turn to Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors at (512) 333-7663 for the experienced, professional touch. Contact us today to learn more about commercial roof inspections, monitoring, repair and replacement.


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