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6 Things That Affect Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

Control Your Replacement Costs

Most building owners have a budget in regards to commercial roof replacement costs, something that has affected many financial meetings. Prior to going into your next meeting, there are six things that you should consider which could adversely affect how much it will cost your business for the very necessary expense of replacing a commercial roof.

Always Choose Wisely

Of all of the important decisions that you can make regarding replacing a commercial roof on a building is to line up the best contractor for the job. This is an individual that will be able to control or mitigate all of the costs associated with preparing for and proceeding forward with your project.

Commercial roofers are there to help your company make this important decision, and they will anticipate factors that may be beyond your control. If you do enough planning, following a specific timeline, the roof replacement can be done right on schedule with no surprises.

Here are the five factors to consider:

1.The Roof Type

Most commercial roofs will have a low-slope design, which will require one of the following materials:

PVC, TPO and other single ply systems

As you may have guessed, a commercial roof is going to be unique. You may have to incorporate ventilators, window washing equipment and signs during the project. Although you may have a small roof in terms of square footage, they could be as large as several football fields combined together. Consider the total cost of the project and also the local climate.

2. The Roof’s Accessibility

If there is only a single roof hatch, you may want to consider paying for the materials to be lifted by a crane instead. If you don’t have any staging space, which will include a parking lot for employees, you may have to pay for in time delivery of the materials that you are going to need.

In addition to this, there may be panel trucks that may not be easy to unload. All of the foot materials will have to be moved either vertically or horizontally, and this can take a considerable amount of time.

The cost of the project, as well as the conditions you are working in, can become more problematic if your building is tall. You need to have unlimited access to freight elevators, and also use cranes to get the materials to the proper locations even if it takes extra labor and weekend work.

3. Wind Loads

Wind loads may play a factor in how quickly you can get the job done. The direction of the wind can be increased on top of the roof; wind uplift is simply part of the wind load phenomena. If this occurs, you will want to use hurricane clips and mechanical fasteners so that you can avoid losing much of your materials as a result of high winds.

Commercial Roof Replacement You Can Count On

4. Standard Code Requirements

The building that you will be working on is not going to move; you really don’t have a choice in terms of looking at building codes. There will be municipal codes that you must follow via the IBC, and most roofing contractors are well aware of the standards that must be adhered to.

If emergencies arise, building codes may change. The condition of the roof on the commercial property can also influence the total cost of the roof replacement.

5. The Current Condition of the Roof

As you tear off the old roof, you may notice structural difficulties. It may have several problems including:

• Wrongly sloped insulation
• Cracked or damaged cover board
• Crumbling or damp concrete decking
• Rotted wood decking
• Damp insulation
• Rust or rot in vital components
• Structural flaws with the steel or wood

Commercial Roof Replacement CompaniesEvery reputable commercial roofer will avoid trying to cover up defects if they have just installed a new roof. Although this may be resolved, you must focus on the problem. The amount that it will cost you will depend on what is discovered.

You may want to perform tests and take core samples while you are thereby physically crawling up into the roof deck. Depending upon your budget, you may want to use some of the better roofing materials that have longer useful lifespans.

These five factors are often beyond the ability of any roofer to change. The last item, however, is going to be beyond your control. By providing you with the current prices for roofing materials, and offering suggestions, you will feel that you are making a good investment.

6. Best Materials 

The amount of money that you pay for the roofing materials can cut your costs. If you have an old roof that is built with BUR, you may want to use a sleek single-ply replacement material that is energy efficient. The replacement cost of the new roof will be compared to having a new BUR roof, plus you will have all of the benefits for adding a new roof such as longer life, fewer repairs, and lower maintenance.

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