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Advice For Replacing Your Roof

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Is it time to think about replacing the roof on your home or commercial property? If so, there’s some do’s and don’t’s that you’ll want to keep in mind. Having a solid roof that your property can depend on is important, as its the first defense against severe weather conditions. If you’re not sure about your roof’s condition, you can check several different aspects of it. Check to see if there are any indications of water damage or areas that are leaking. Are there any spots where it appears to be sagging? Can you see any outside light shining through anywhere? Does it have any dark spots or trails showing?

If you do decide that its time to have your roof replaced, here are the things you should do and not do during the process.

Things to Do:

  • Pick a roofing contractor that has a long history in your location and is properly licensed and insured for your area.
  • No your budget and use the very best materials your budget will allow. Don’t compromise on quality. Asphalt shingles can last as long as 20 years. But, tile or metal roofing can last 2 or 3 times as long.
  • Keep your roof maintained on a yearly basis. As soon as you see that a shingle or tile is damaged, get it repaired immediately as it will, without a doubt, turn into a larger problem if you don’t.
  • Research the different types of roofing materials that are available to you and which ones are the best fit for your property.
  • When you meet with contractors, ask a lot of questions and be sure you have all the info you require to make an intelligent, informed decision.
  • Have your roof inspected often – minimally at least once per year. Remember, just because your roof is newly installed, it does not mean you won’t have issues and you are now problem free.

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Things to NOT Do:

  • Don’t automatically hire the least expensive roofing contractor. Be careful about hiring someone that does roofing work on the side or a company that is relatively inexperienced. Remember, you usually get what you pay for – paying the lowest price isn’t always giving yourself the best possible deal.
  • Don’t forget to check with your HOA, if you have one, and know which colors, styles and materials are allowed in your community.
  • Don’t take shortcuts. Spending within your budget is critical, but don’t make compromises in quality just to save money.
  • Don’t allow or invite other people to view the work being completed. This could create a potentially dangerous environment.
  • Don’t add more weight than your property’s structure can support. This is obvious if you’re going from shingles to tile, but different types shingles and styles can also have different weight. If you’re upgrading to a more quality style or material of shingle, make sure your roof will support the extra weight.

Austin Roof Replacement ContractorsIts better to get a new roof before you have an emergency situation by planning ahead and being preemptive. It will save you a lot of headaches and money by doing your research and replacing the roof before it fails and severely damages your personal property. If you have questions about roofing, contact a local roofing company to learn more.

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