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Commercial Roof Maintenance Contractor

Top Questions for Your Roofing Contractor

Find a Roofer You Can Trust There are several questions you need to ask any roofing contractor you’re considering hiring to work on your roof. You need to do due diligence to make sure you’re hiring someone that is professional, insured, reliable and trustworthy. Installing, replacing or repairing your roofing system can be one of

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Keep Your Roof Clean

Commercial Roof Maintenance Services Mold, mildew, lichens and fungus can be some of the most damaging, but least recognized types of roof debris. If left unchecked, they can cause serious  damage to your roof, forcing expensive repairs and sometimes, even roof replacement. If you see green or black patches on your shingles, built-up, modified bitumen,

Austin Emergency Roof Repair

Hail Resistant Roof Options

Austin Emergency Roof Repair Contractors Impact resistant roofing will help to keep your property from being damaged by hail. What is impact resistant roofing? There are 4 categories, according to Underwriter Laboratories – Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. They’re tested by firing steel balls of different sizes at the material to simulate hail, which

Austin Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof Drainage Tips

Commercial Roof Repair Maintenance Contractors Three things affect improper drainage from a roof – the roof’s slope, the drain’s actual size and where the drains are situated (in a residential property this would be where the gutters are placed). Also, you should account for the amount of rainfall that will be falling on the roof,

Austin Roof Installation Contractors

What is Green Roofing?

Experienced Roofing Installation Contractors Green Roofing, by definition, applies to flat roofing  that has been built to accommodate gardens and elevated park-like vegetative areas. They can be turned into gardens that produce fruits and vegetables, edible plants and even sustain small fruit groves. It takes space that has usually been taken for granted and turned


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