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Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

Commercial Flat Roof Drainage Options

Commercial Flat Roof Repair You Can Depend On Since flat roofs are susceptible to inefficient drainage and water pooling, it is essential to be aware of the different options that are available that can mitigate these problems. Fortunately, there are several different types of drainage solution that may be selected and combined with EPDM rubberized

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Metal or SPF – Which is Best for a Commercial Roof?

Should You Choose Metal or Spray Foam (SPF) for Your Commercial Roof? Our customers are usually trying to choose between several roofing systems when deciding the type of roof to install on their commercial property. A couple of questions they usually want answered is which one will be best long-term, what are the costs involved

Commercial Flat Roof Installation

Single Ply versus Foam

Commercial Flat Roof Services With Integrity Single Ply vs SPF Comparison Owners and managers of commercial buildings are often trying to choose from several different types of roofing to install on their building. The questions are usually something like which is best for my building?; which will last the longest?; and which will require the

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

Foam Versus Built Up

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement You Can Trust As a building owner or property manager considering their commercial flat roof choices, a couple of systems you’ll want to scrutinize are spray foam polyurethane roofing (SPF) and built up roofing (BUR). At Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, we want to ensure that our commercial customers have all the

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5 Main Benefits of Metal Roofing

Experienced Commercial Metal Roof Replacement When you’re choosing from the many options available to put a roof on your commercial building, metal is a great choice. Metal roofing has great curb appeal and architectural capabilities, is relatively inexpensive to install, is easy to maintain and has a great, long lifespan. Here are the 5 Main


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