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Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

Foam Versus Built Up

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement You Can Trust As a building owner or property manager considering their commercial flat roof choices, a couple of systems you’ll want to scrutinize are spray foam polyurethane roofing (SPF) and built up roofing (BUR). At Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, we want to ensure that our commercial customers have all the

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5 Main Benefits of Metal Roofing

Experienced Commercial Metal Roof Replacement When you’re choosing from the many options available to put a roof on your commercial building, metal is a great choice. Metal roofing has great curb appeal and architectural capabilities, is relatively inexpensive to install, is easy to maintain and has a great, long lifespan. Here are the 5 Main

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Seasonal Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance You Can Count On Failure of commercial and industrial roofing is all too often due to the owner’s or management’s failure to institute a good preventative maintenance plan. A solid, routine maintenance plan will increase your commercial roof’s lifespan, help to avoid surprising roof problems and, in return, help your company’s profits.

Commercial Metal Roof restoration

Why Restore Your Metal Roof?

Metal Roof Restoration Has Many Benefits Whether commercial or residential, a metal roofing system is a great choice. They have a lot of benefits, but the main ones are their energy efficiency and their durability. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, here are a couple of positive features that would make a metal roof

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

Options for a New Flat Roofing System

Flat Roof Installation You Can Count On Flat roofing systems aren’t completely flat, but they are very close to it. Compared to a home, they have very little slope. With commercial flat roofing systems, there are a few options available when thinking about replacement. The most impressive option, spray polyurethane foam, isn’t used as much


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