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Built-Up Commercial Roof Replacement And Repair Services You Can Trust!

Built-up roofing is a common choice for many industrial and commercial building spaces and make sense when you need an economical commercial roof replacement They are designed to withstand strong winds, battering from the elements, and they allow for a more secure indoor environment. To ensure that your built-up roof lasts a long time and provides adequate protection for your building, regular maintenance is important.

Built-Up Roof Systems: What Are They?

Built-up roof systems are actually flat roofs that consist of several layers of hard-wearing materials. These roofing systems are strong and industrial in strength with the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and complete HVAC systems. These systems have several layers sandwiched together to create a virtually impenetrable barrier. You will often find strong adhesive, felt, and crushed materials such as gravel or stone finishing the roofing materials. Built-up roofing systems are ideal for cooler climates as they have the ability to naturally regulate indoor temperatures.

With Proper Care, Your New Built-up Roof can Last up to 30 Years!

Built-Up Roofing Choice Materials

Commercial Roof Replacement ContractorsBuilt-up roofing systems will often rely on a couple of choice materials such as modified bitumen. Usually, the basic layer is asphalt and will contain a mix of different materials such as rubber for hardiness. The layer of asphalt is necessary to help waterproof the building while ply sheets made of polyester and fiberglass help reinforce it. The last layer is aesthetic and will contain the gravel component.

Some buildings will choose a ballasted built-up roof system which is ideal for fire-proofing an industrial building. These roofing systems are not anchored to the roofing deck using adhesive, but rather, ballasted by employing the use of gravel.

Why Are Built-Up Roofing Systems So Popular?

There are many reasons that commercial buildings employ the use of built-up roofing systems, such as :

  • They require very little in the way of repair or maintenance. Due to their sturdy nature, they can last up to 30 years. In fact, some of these roofing systems need no repair at all in that time!
  • Unlike other roofing systems, built-up roofs are constructed with many layers in such a way that they are completely waterproof. That means that there’s less of a chance of a building developing water damage or leaks.
  • Regardless of the size or style of the roofing deck your building has, these systems are seamlessly installed by professionals.
  • Very few roofing options provide ample protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, but built-up roofing systems do! They are heat and fire-resistant.

Not only are built-up roofs aesthetically pleasing and easy to blend with the curb appeal of any building, but they require virtually no maintenance over the years.

Selecting A Professional Commercial Roof Replacement Contractor

We can help you find and repair cracks or leaks in your built-up roofing system. We can also install a new one for you if you need to replace your old one.You need to ensure that the contractor you choose is one you can trust, which is why we can help take the guesswork out the process.

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