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Choices for Commercial Metal Roofing

Your Choices for Commercial Metal Roofing

Before deciding on the direction to take in repairing or replacing your metal roof, you need to know what your choices are in types of metal roofs. There are several different panel variations that can impact the cost and the performance of your commercial metal roof that you should know about. What kind of metal roofing system do you have and what kinds of metal roofing systems are there to choose from?

Different Kinds of Metal Roofing Systems

There are three most common metal roof types. The type of repairs and the expense of replacement will vary with each individual type, so it’s critical that this information factors into your choice. You don’t want to decide to repair your existing metal roof, only to discover later that you have a metal roof type that’s a poor insulator and it would be worth your money and time to upgrade to a more appropriate material. Basically, what we’re saying is, make a carefully informed decision.

Type 3 – Architectural Standing Seam

This metal roofing system has excellent wind uplift protection and resists moisture better than other metal roofing systems due to the way the panels interlock with each other. They’re very tightly constructed and have a watertight seal thats better than other metal roofing systems. It’s difficult for moisture to get into the property due to their tight seal, which is a big bonus for any commercial roofing system. A sealant is applied to the panels by many manufacturers at the factory, working to maintain the structural integrity in different weather conditions.

Type 2 – Corrugated

The classic type of metal roof, which you’ll find on a lot of older barns and shacks. This the “original” metal roof. Corrugated metal panels are now routinely galvanized and commonly used on many restaurants and retail businesses, creating a classic look and feel. Corrugated metal roofs work well with fiberglass skylight panels, as they have patterns and structural designs that are similar. Corrugated metal roofs have stood the test of time, having been around for a long time.

Type 1 – R-Panel

R-Panel metal roofing systems are the low-maintenance commercial metal roofing option. Their relatively simple installation saves on labor, time, and disposal expenses, so the budget for the entire project can be more manageable. These roofing systems are also available in a lot of different architectural colors that can really improve the curb appeal of your building. These roofing systems are extremely popular for both residential and commercial structures. As with all metal roofing systems, they can be prone to rusting and will need to be painted or coated periodically to avoid this issue.

A Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Your Structure Will Be Less Stressed

Low-slope commercial metal roof systems typically weigh anywhere from 40 to135 pounds per 100 square feet, which makes them one of the lightest roofing materials and also one of the easiest to install. Because it’s so lightweight, metal roofing systems place less demand on a property’s structural support system, which is an important factor, especially in areas of the country that are prone to earthquakes.

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement ContractorsUnlike other non-metal roofing systems, requiring an underlying substrate or deck, low-slope metal roofing systems can be installed directly over joists or purlins. Also, due to their interlocking and/or active fastening systems, metal roof panels are designed to meet the requirements of severe wind and uplift tests.

Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of materials and products along with a lot of colors, textures and profiles. To ensure longer lifespans, most low-slope metal roof materials are guarded from weather elements by high performance, durable metallic coatings.

While protecting a building with metal was begun a long time ago, it still works great today. Whether your goal is to have years of low maintenance, problem-free, low cost performance, or an environmentally responsible approach to your roofing system, low slope metal roofs make a lot of sense.

If you need advice on choosing a metal roofing system for your building, give us a call at 512-333-7676, and have Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, one of the Austin area’s leading commercial roofing companies, and someone you can trust to help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.

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