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Commercial Metal Roof Repair Options

Commercial Metal Roof Repair and Replacement Options: Repair versus Restoration versus Replacement

Building owners and managers have three primary options when dealing with their commercial metal roof repair.  They can repair the roof system, restore the roof system, or replace the roof with a new roof assembly. They will need to contact a professional, experienced commercial metal roofing contractor to help them make the best decision for their particular situation and the particular features of their roofing system.

So when you are faced with leaking conditions on your commercial metal roof system you need to decide if you are going to repair, restore or replace the roof system.

Commercial Metal Roof Option #1 – Repair and Maintain

Commercial metal roof systems can be repaired and maintained. These roof systems may have an estimated use life of 30 years or more if the original installation was a quality installation. It is strongly recommended that metal roof systems be reviewed on a bi-annual basis to catch problems early on before they develop further.

The key to maintaining a metal roof system is to review the roof system on a regular basis. It is best to catch problems early on before they can develop further. Problems including oxidation can be addressed early on for a reduced cost. Locating fasteners that have started to back out before and re-tightening them can reduce leaks and help maintain the roof system.

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Commercial Metal Roof Option #2 – Restoration

Commercial Metal Roof RestorationAs a metal roof ages the frequency of leaks will normally increase. Eventually the rate of leaks and the overall condition of the roof system will require a more significant scope of work. The roof will continue to age without implementing a restoration scope of work. There is a limited window of opportunity to implement a restoration program before a replacement becomes necessary.

Commercial metal roof restoration typically consists of a specific set of steps. These include repairs to the deficiencies noted above including fastener replacement and a rust inhibitor. Additional repairs to details and penetrations may be necessary. After the repairs have been completed it is recommended that a coating be applied to the surface of the roof system.

There are two primary types of coating materials. These are acrylic coatings and urethane coatings. Both are options when looking at metal roof restoration. Each has restrictions which need to be considered when designing the restoration

Commercial Metal Roof Option #3 – Replacement

A newer innovation for metal roof replacement is the metal retrofit system. This system is used when a low sloped metal roof system requires replacement. Typically this system is installed over a structural metal roof system where the existing roof system becomes the metal deck for the new roof system.

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