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Commercial Roof Coating Benefits

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Significant technological advances have been made in the area of commercial roof coating over the years such as development in materials like shingles. However, despite this, these materials still have limitations when it comes to their behavior. Those with flat roofs will enjoy the benefits of new roof coating technology.

Apart from offering a better value, these new technologies are eco-friendly and provide a long-lasting solution. That said, here are the major benefits of roof coatings that every homeowner or business owner out there should know about:

1. Coating Your Roof Will Increase Its Lifespan
Parts of your roof that are exposed to the sun are likely to age and deteriorate and age quickly. This is because ultraviolet radiation has detrimental effects on these parts of the roof. Coating your roof can help you avoid this problem as it keeps the temperature of the roof’s surface low to make the roof age slowly. And the good thing about roof coating is that it is possible to re-coat your roof in the future with proper maintenance.

Commercial Roof Maintenece2. Coating Your Roof Improves Energy Efficiency
Reflective roof coatings keep both the surface and finished spaces of the roof cool. This means that coating your roof will not get very hot during the warmest months. This will make your home energy efficient as it can help you save energy by reducing cooling costs.

3. Coating Your Roof Revitalizes the Appearance of Your Roof
Coating your roof revamps the look of your aging roof. Constant exposure to UV causes discoloration and it is good to look for ways to counter this by coating your roof and making it have a youthful glow.

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4. Coating Your Roof Reduces Construction Waste
Since old roofs account for about 40 per cent of construction waste thrown in landfills. Coating your roof at the right time increases your roof’s lifespan hence delaying the need for roof replacement. So, the coating can reduce the amount of debris thrown into landfills.

5. Coating Your Roof Minimizes Disruption
One of the best things about roof coating is that it is not very disruptive. When you coat your roof there is little to no noise and minimal odor. The coating is often done within the shortest time possible.

6. Coating Your Roof Will Help You Save Money
Coating your roof is cheaper than replacing it. Even though coating will not make your roofing system maintenance-free, it will make it more weather resistant hence reducing your repair costs. If this article has convinced you to consider coating your roof, call us today so that we will help you have your roof coated and enjoy the benefits we have mentioned in this article.

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