When You Need Commercial Metal Roof Repair

According to a 2004 study of low-sloped roofing, metal roofs have a much longer life span expectancy than built-up or single ply roof systems. Their research found that the life expectation for metal roofing systems was upwards of 40 years – which is more than double that of the other roofing systems. More than just lasting a long time, metal roofs require little-to-no maintenance throughout that 40+ years

Benefits of Metal Roofing:

• Can Be Installed On Existing Roof
• 40-50 Year Life Expectancy
• Saves Money On Monthly Bills
• Energy-Efficient & LEED Compliant
• Can Be Installed With Insulation
• Aesthetically Pleasing for Commercial Buildings
• Cost Effective
• Optional Solar Panels
• High Quality, Long Lasting, & Watertight

It is critical to know that metal roofing is subjected to the greatest degree of thermal movement (expansion and contraction) of any roofing system.  As a result pressure is exerted on the fasteners, overlapping seams and flashing flanges.  With the passage of time those important roofing components become separated, allowing moisture to penetrate into the areas below. Often this leads to premature roof replacement.

Roof replacement is costly, and often repairs are enough to extend the life of a commercial roof until budget allows for replacement. The best way to increase the life of a commercial  roof is with a roof maintenance plan. Our maintenance plans offer annual inspections to provide necessary maintenance and make small roof repairs before they become costly replacements.

Standing seam metal roofing is typically not the least expensive roofing system to install, but when one considers the common maintenance, repairs, and shorter life expectancy of traditional flat roofs, the costs advantages of standing seam metal roofs are obvious.

Onsite roll forming reduces the investment in materials by cutting out the middle man and the related shipping costs associated with buying traditional factory formed panels. This is specifically the case with large commercial and industrial buildings. It also allows for a much greater level of quality and control as the panels can be cut to the exact length and fit together without horizontal lap joints. Call the metal roofing experts at Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors today and find out how you can start saving money with an energy-efficient and LEED compliant metal roof.

You Need a Trusted Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractor

The Metal Building Manufacturers association conducted research that shows that metal buildings and roofing systems make up over half of all the most recent one and two story commercial properties in the United States. Because of this large amount of new structures with metal roofing systems, there will be a large demand for commercial metal roof repair and restoration moving forward.

For commercial and industrial building owners and managers that want to get the most out of their roofing investment, metal is the perfect choice.

You may want to consider a white metal roof system option when choosing to repair your roof. The EPA considers white metal roofing systems to be “cool roofs”. They help reflect a large portion of the sun’s energy away from your structure. You air conditioners and other refrigeration systems will be less stressed.

These reflective metal roofing systems are much more energy efficient, They are becoming the system of choice for contractors and architects because of this reason. Metal roofs also have a nice, clean architectural appearance, which is another reason for their high use.

Killeen Commercial Metal Roof Repair ContractorsExtreme temperature changes causes metal roof structures to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction causes the screws and washers that hold metal panels together to allow moisture to leak through due to their torque tolerance being stressed. At the end and side laps of metal panels, you can find another cause of leaking: tape or caulk seals can shrink, creating gaps in the structure. Rust and corrosion from areas of standing or pooling water on the structure, which eventually becomes rusted, is another main source of leaks.

Imagine no more leaks in your metal roofing system. Don’t worry about rusting and reap the benefits from utility-saving, long -lasting and attractive metal roof repair solutions that can add years to your roof’s lifespan.

Making singular localized repairs over and over, or paying many thousands of dollars for a total roof replacement aren’t the only options you have.

There are some shortcomings to metal roofs, but we have a great solution for them all.

  • They will have leaks that spring up time and again. They could be caused by poor installation practices, gaps that pop up, or punctures that can hit your roof.
  • You can also have sections or panels blown off in high wind conditions, which is usually caused by poor installation practices.
  • If the roof isn’t sloped properly, your metal roof will have ponding of accumulated moisture.
  • Improper or poorly installed nuts can quickly cause your whole metal roofing structure to break down.

There are several viable options available for existing metal commercial roofs that can keep these typical problems from happening and fix them when they do. We have several great services designed to resolve these issues and, at the same time, extending the lifespan of your current metal roof, possibly for decades.

The materials and methods we use not only have the history to reinforce this claim, but we also stand behind them with solid multi-year warranties. Our products are simple, cost-efficient solutions to commercial metal roof issues. All of our crew members have state of the art training through our manufacturers and experience.

Here at Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors (512) 333-7663, we’re a commercial metal roof repair contractor and metal roof restoration contractor serving Killeen and Austin, Texas and the surrounding area communities. We will take your old commercial metal roof and use our commercial metal roofing services to make it look like new. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for your roof.