Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Restoration – A Better Option

Is your commercial metal roof leaking? Instead of replacement, consider a more economical solution – metal roof restoration.

Our system is proven to restore and protect commercial metal roofs, almost to new condition, from extreme weather elements. We set the standard for quality and affordability in the field of metal roof repair and restoration. We have raised the bar with technologically superior high-tensile coatings as the main component, after sealing all leaks and seams. The poperties of this coating will make it your best option for extreme weather elements and color retention. Our systems offer bright white, Cool Roof options, are Energy Star rated and backed up by long-term system and material warranties and guaranties.

  • Excellent adherence to your current roof
  • The most durable fluid coating system available
  • In the year of installation – 100% deductible in the year of application
  • Installing a Cool Roof will lower interior energy costs
  • Waterproofing and protection from the elements with seamless technology
  • Sustainable long-term warranties

Will Restore and Protect Commercial and Industrial Metal roofs including:

  • Standing seam metal roofs
  • R-panel metal roofs

Restoration is a great alternative to replacement. Metal roofs fail as they age, by their very design. The two biggest sources of roof leaks for metal roofs are fasteners and seams.

For both metal roof repair and metal roof restoration, there are somewhat similar waterproofing processes. by repairing, you are waterproofing only the portion of the roof that is leaking, rather than waterproofing the whole roof.

For a tight budget, repair can be a great option for building owners and property managers. You need to inspect and assess your problematic areas to the budget available for repairing them.

Not everyone can afford a full restoration of their roof, so we can also provide a temporary solution until the funds become available by repairing the problem areas.

On a metal roof, each screw is a potential failure point if the fasteners are exposed. Initially, when the screws are installed, they will have a rubber washer to seal away any moisture. However, over time, the rubber washer gets brittle and cracks, which allows water to enter the building.

Commercial Metal Roof RestorationMetal is installed in large sheets, with the edges of each sheet also an area for potential leakage. Water can be pulled up and in between the sheets by high winds through a wicking action into the building. Sealant is usually applied between the sheets when the metal roof is installed. But, over time, this sealant degrades, which allows water to enter the building.

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Can Make Your Metal Roof New Again

We address these two major failure points when we perform a metal roof restoration procedure. Here’s a basic overview of how the process works:

Our Process is the Main Factor to Our Quality Metal Roof Restoration. Some companies might just cover up the damages with an attractive finish – we don’t!. First, we identify and neytralize any rust and repair any leaks and weak spots.

Step 1 – Priming the Roof

First step – neytralize all rust spots and apply our rust-inhibiting primer. This will keep more rust and corrosion from causing additional damage later.

Step 2 – Caulking the Entire Roof

All potential leak points, like fastener heads and screws are caulked to prevent additional leaking. This adds a further layer of protection from leaking.

Step 3 – Treat the Seams

The seams need to be waterproofed with butyl tape, or durable fabrics, compressed between a couple layers of base coat.

Step 4 – The Finish

Last step, apply our very durable reflective topcoat. This will give your metal roof a reflective surface, fully restoring it, keeping it from additional leaks and extreme weather, and making sure you receive additional decades of protection from your roof.

An Additional Point on Rusty Panels and skylights:

Rust forms through a chemical reaction where iron oxidizes when excessive moisture is present with oxygen and water. It will continue to degrade and spread deeper into the original material unless it is eradicated and repaired. The panels will almost certainly fail if its not addressed. Rust primers are designed to neutralize the existing rust and keep it from doing more damage. The skylights, if they’re still within their lifespan, will be renewed and restored with an application of our clear liquid membrane.

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