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Killeen Commercial Roof Repair

Killeen Commercial Roof Repair

When You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Your roof is one of the most critical features of your building. Unfortunately, it’s usually one of the more neglected, as many property owners overlook little cracks and small leaks that will create greater damage in the long run. You should employ a commercial roof inspection and repair company to take care of one of the most important features of your property.

A professional, commercial roofing contractor can provide you with a great deal of services. They can and will do so much more than just find and repair leaks. They will offer a range of maintenance services, from constructing roof flashing, repairing water damage, and replacing shingles and other materials. They can also repair other important components of your roofing, ranging from vent pipes and chimneys to skylights and drainage systems. They can sometimes also perform interior damage repair caused by leaks to ensure that your building is in great shape from the inside out.

Commercial roofing contractors also have an extensive supply of high quality materials that ensure reliable repair services. This means any damage repair they carry out will be guaranteed to last. Typical roofing materials available at your local hardware store are often inferior to what these companies are supplied. They use specially designed roofing materials and finishes such as elastomeric coating, which enhance the durability and quality of roofs.

Questions for Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

Killeen Commercial Roof Repair ContractorsHere’s something most commercial roofing customers don’t realize – Its not easy to find poor reviews about prospective commercial roofing companies. Roofing is a tough trade. The biggest factor in hiring the right commercial roofer will be their expertise in the field with projects that have been completed successfully. There isn’t a trade school or a support system like electrical contractors or plumbers may have. Many times contractors start out on their own and the craft is passed on from person to person. With today’s political climate and a shortage of experienced labor, its hard to find professional, experienced commercial roofing contractors that are qualified to take on your job. The most difficult tasks in installing a commercial roof is usually working with and around the building’s HVAC system and where more than one sections of the roof may meet.

Here are some questions you should ask when doing due diligence on commercial roofing companies:

1 – Are they properly bonded and insured?
Ask if they have the right insurance for your job. You’d be shocked at how many roofing companies don’t carry adequate, or sometimes, any insurance. Also, be sure that you’re listed as an additional insured on their policy. This won’t cost them anything more in premiums and they’ll be aware that you’ve done your homework. This will also expose the contractors that don’t have either adequate, or the right kind of insurance.

2 – How long have they been around?
This will expose their experience in the field and if they will be in business down the road to back up their warranty and guarantees. Don’t forget, 80% of small businesses don’t make it past their 4th year.

3 – How long have they been in business in the Killeen area?
Texas has unique weather, which can require different installation and repair techniques than other areas may need. If the commercial roofer is from another city thats not very close, you need to ensure they install or repair your roof to standards that work in Texas, not the state they’re from. After a big storm, or a bunch of storms, you’ll find many out-of-state roofers come in to find work. They might use products or materials that don’t work well here in Texas. If a problem pops up after they complete the project, like something blowing off the roof in a future storm, and the materials aren’t available in the Austin/Killeen area, you could have a big issue getting it repaired, much less enforcing any warranties that they issued. Storm chasers move in fast, then they’re out when there’s no more work available. When they’re gone, your support system is also and you’ll need to find another contractor to repair it or even inspect it. This process could take months. All of this isn’t worth the potential risk.

4 – Do they have warranties for their workmanship?
Manufacturers warranties are a given, but most issues you’ll have with your roofing system will be workmanship related and occur within the first few years. Manufacturer warranties cover issues with materials and products used in the project. Workmanship warranties cover any issues that come up as a result of poor installation and craftsmanship from the labor. Remember that if the warranty or guarantee seems to good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to check the fine print in the warranties for transfer fees and exclusions.

5 – What history do they have with your type of roofing system?
Make sure they didn’t just begin installing your product yesterday. If you have an asphalt shingle roofing system it might not be a problem, but for any other roof type – flat, metal, tile, modified bitumen, single ply, EDO/TPM – due your homework to make sure they have experience to get the job done correctly.

6 – Get references
Be aware that the references they supply will all probably be happy customers, so you’ll need to do some due diligence. Ask colleagues and other property managers to find someone that has personal experience with the contractor you’re thinking of hiring. You could find some online reviews, but they aren’t as common for commercial roofing contractors as they are for residential roofers. Remember, no company is perfect. A reputable, professional contractor will contact their customers and try to resolve any disputes, so try to locate a company that supports their products and workmanship by coming back to resolve issues that pop up after their projects are completed. If that’s the case, the negative review would most likely change their review to a positive one.

7 – Do they train their technicians?
If you’re going to have a certain type of roofing system installed on your building, call an area representative for the materials that are being used and do some homework on the companies you’re thinking about to see if they’re educating and training their technicians and crew about the latest techniques for installing them. If you do this, you’ll know you’re hiring a contractor that you feel comfortable is using the proper techniques and materials to repair or install your commercial roofing system.

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