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Round Rock Commercial Roof Repair

Round Rock Commercial Roof Repair

Hire the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

Your property needs a new roofing system. You go online and you’re inundated with hundreds of Austin roofing contractors, so where do you start?

1. Ask Other Professionals and Colleagues

When you’re beginning a new Austin commercial roofing project, reach out to other building owners and managers that have had similar roofing systems repaired or replaced. They may or may not have had a good experience with their roofing contractor, but its a great place to start. Once you have a few company names, you can start your due diligence.

2. Go Online and Use the Internet

Obviously, this will probably be your best and most useful tool. Google the names of the companies you’ve been given and the people that head them up. You’ll be able to find all the information you need to find someone you can trust to invest your company’s money with on your roofing system.

3. Check the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.

Be sure that the contractors you’re considering don’t have any open complaints against them. You can also find if they have the proper licenses here.

An Experienced Commercial Roofing Company

4. Look up Their Record at the Better Business Bureau

You’ll be surprised how many contractors have a poor rating at the BBB because of complaints they’ve done a bad job of resolving. Keep away from any contractor that doesn’t have at least a B+ rating. Preferably you should choose a company with an A+ rating. Also keep in mind that the BBB has all businesses in their database, even if they aren’t members. All members of the BBB have to follow a specific code of ethics to become and stay a member.

5. The Biggest Isn’t Always the Best.

Round Rock Commercial Roofing ContractorsYou don’t necessarily want to go with the  contractor with the biggest advertising budget unless maybe you have a big government project that you’re managing. They probably have a huge advertising expense that’s going to get passed on to you through their estimate. You also probably don’t want to hire the contractor that you have a hard time finding information about either. They might not have a cash reserve or the manpower to cover problems that come up on their projects. The best choice is usually a mid-size contractor that has a great reputation and has been in the area for some time.

6. Be Tough With Your Questions

1 – Ask for at least 5 references from past customers

2 – Make sure their employees and crew members are subject to background checks. Some crew members will need to access the interior of your property.

3 – Make sure you know what kind of warranties you’re getting.

4 – Make sure you know their history in your area – ask for the addresses of other buildings they’ve worked on similar to yours.

Be very careful of hiring anyone that has been in the area for less than a year.

8. Obtain a Copy of Their Insurance Certificate

Make sure your listed as an additional insured on their policy. This usually doesn’t cost them anything extra on their premiums and they’ll know you’ve done your homework. This will also expose the roofing contractors that don’t have either adequate or the right type of insurance.

7. Be Clear With Your Expectations

Be very direct here. When you meet with the contractors you’re considering, be clear of your goals, expectations and the timeline they need to follow. If they’re a reputable company and they can’t meet your expectations, they’ll let you know. However, keep in mind that some deadlines get set back for reasons beyond anyone’s control, like rainy weather or sever storms. This could also cause a material shortage if the area thats affected is large enough, needing an extraordinary amount of repairs.

10. Check the Fine Print

if there’s something you don’t agree with, don’t be shy about confronting the contractor with it. If your concerns are reasonable, they should have no problem changing the terms. Another important point is to pay close attention to the payment schedule. Make sure that a portion of the funds are withheld until a thorough final inspection and walkthrough of the completed project is  done.

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