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Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular with commercial property owners and managers. One of the reasons for this is the incredible advancement in material technology and application methods. Earlier metal roofs were not nearly as reliable as today’s contemporary metal roof systems. One of the big advantages of today’s systems is their long lifespan, which, with proper routine maintenance and inspections, can be as long as 50 years.

Correct guidelines for properly maintaining metal roof systems are somewhat the same as those for more conventional roofing systems. Your professional commercial roofing contractor should have experience in different types of metal roofing systems and their application and installation methods. Being familiar with these systems will give them the ability to find and detect problem areas that will need regular maintenance.

Identifying Roof Issues

Commercial Metal Roof Repair ContractorsThe main purpose of any roof maintenance schedule would be to extend the lifespan of the system by finding any issues in their early stages, thereby giving the owner the ability to eliminate and correct them before they turn into something bigger and more expensive. Water leaking, obviously, is the most common issue found in metal roofs. These are most likely the result of poor installation methods. As an example, if roof penetrations are left unprotected to the elements or if the requires sealants at the joints aren’t used properly, this will inevitably lead to leaking. These, like most metal roof issues, are easily identified and fixed.

In fact, most metal roofing leaks are caused by four common installation mistakes. An experienced metal roof repair contractor can be of great service to the property owner or manager by being aware of these common mistakes.

Here are the 4 areas your roofing contractor should address first when inspecting your roof:

  • Improper use of the required bar and caulk-type sealants in the roofing seam spaces.
  • Missing or improper installation of sealant at the four-way panel laps and the connections at the eves.
  • Not having tape sealant installed correctly underneath the screw heads.
  • Improper caulking between the underside of the roof panels and the trim.

There is a special “feeler” tool that can be used to detect if the sealants are present in the required spots. It fits into the roofing seam, so its made to an extremely this dimension. If its found that these sealants are improperly applied, or not used at all, you may have to remove the panels, reapply the sealant and reinstall them.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractors With Experience

However, not all water leaks are caused by poor installation practices. Some happen due to poor details in the design process. An example: If the closure strips at the corrugated eves are poorly designed, you may have problems with waterproofing of your standing seam system if the have trapezoidal seams. Leaks from overflowing gutters or drains will result if the end closures aren’t designed correctly at these points. If you have end closures that have been applied, its critical that the applied sealant be carefully inspected.

If water issues aren’t happening at these points, your roofing contractor should check out the other common areas of concern. Open seams and penetrations on metal roof systems are also where leaks are commonly found. If you have intersection points with other material types, as an example wall masonry, or ridge vents, poor termination of the metal at these vertical locations are another common area for moisture penetration.

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