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Waco Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Waco Commercial Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration May be for You

Does your commercial metal roof need work? Are you seriously thinking about replacing it? Instead of considering replacement, you should think about a more economical alternative – metal roof restoration.

Here at Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, our restoration system will restore and protect your commercial metal roof, almost to its newly installed condition, from severe weather. We are setting a standard for quality and affordability in metal roof repair and restoration, with our technologically superior high-tensile coatings as the critical component, after sealing all of your roof’s leaks and seams. The particulars of the coating make it the best choice for severe weather elements and color retention. We offer bright white and Cool Roof options and are Energy Star rated. We back up our work with long-term system and material warranties and guaranties.

Waco Commercial Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsRestoration is a great option to replacing your roof. Metal roofs inevitably fail as they get older, by their very design. The two biggest reasons for roof leaks in metal roofs are the fasteners and seams.
For both metal roof repair and metal roof restoration, there are similar waterproofing procedures. By performing repairs, you’re waterproofing just the part of the roof that has the leak, rather than waterproofing the entire roof.

If you’re on a tight budget in your business, repairing your roof may be a better option for building owners and property managers. One thing you will need to do is inspect and assess your problem areas and the portion of your budget that’s available for repairing them.

Not every business has the budget necessary for a full roof restoration, so we also provide temporary solutions in the form of repairs to the problem areas until the funds become available.

You Need a Metal Roof Restoration Contractor You Can Trust

On a commercial metal roof, every screw is a potential problem area if the fasteners are exposed. When the screws are initially installed, they have a rubber washer that is designed to seal away moisture. The problem is, over a period of time, the rubber washer becomes brittle and begins to crack, which lets water into the building.

Metal roofing is installed in big sheets, which makes the edges of each metal sheet an area for potential water penetration. Moisture can get sucked up and between the metal sheets by severe wind through a wicking action straight into the building. Sealant is typically applied in between the sheets when the metal roof is initially installed. But, as time goes by, the sealant breaks down, allowing water to enter the building.

Picking the Correct Metal Roof Restoration Product

You’re probably having this issue because you could have picked a roof coating when it was last installed or repaired that was subject to breaking down. Be sure to choose a silicone roofing product that has more durability than roofing systems that are just acrylic.

1 – Silicone needs less reinforcement, won’t chalk, degrade, haze or fade and isn’t prone to wash-off. This makes it better than acrylic and an excellent material to use for metal roof repair.

2 – Silicone products are also more ecologically friendly. They have a lower VOC and longer lifecycle, minimizing environmental impact. You should check Energy Star compliant products or products approved by a local quality assurance program for comparison.

3– This might be a good time to increase your property’s R-value. A good silicone spray foam will improve your insulation from the outside, reducing the impact on your building’s interior.

4– Also do a comparison of the various silicone products that your metal roof repair contractor suggests. All metal roofing systems aren’t created equally. We’re constantly working to improve our product selection and processes. We monitor every project individually to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality service and materials possible, maximizing adhesion during the process.

If you are seriously thinking about investing a large portion of your budget to replace your metal roof with a new one, be sure to have Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors (512) 333-7663 speak to you first. There is a great possibility it can be renewed and restored by employing one of our high-performance Metal Roof Restoration Systems.


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