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Considerations in Re-coating a Commercial Metal Roof

Commercial Metal Roofing Restoration

Metal roof re-coating is not typically affected by building size, composition, and shape. It is possible to re-coat most metal roofs. Building size, composition, and shape might affect the preparation process somewhat. However, coating systems conform to all shapes and sizes of metal substrates as long as they are properly prepared. Depending on the building’s location or dynamics, one of two different methods – spray or roller application will be the best re-coating method to use to produce the best results.

Due to metal roofs having irregular surfaces, the tool that is most effective in cleaning the surface before re-coating is the airless spray gun. A primer is applied and then the finish coats. Typically, re-coating a commercial metal roof restores the panels and enhances functionality to extend the roof’s service life. Coatings used on industrial and commercial roofs typically are a system component that offers waterproofing as well.

Despite its numerous rejuvenating and redeeming qualities, re-coating cannot work miracles. If a metal roof has not been properly maintained and has seriously deteriorated past the point that can be sufficiently remedied by a coating renovation, then the roof needs to be replaced. A coating system will not benefit a roof that has deteriorated past the point where it is not structurally sound any longer, where multiple roofing panels have to be replaced, or where metal panels have begun to rust via pin-holing. Multiple attempts to repair a roof using inferior or improper products might cause premature deterioration as well, which would require replacement instead of restoration.

How often should re-coating be done?

Typically, field-applied coatings are re-coating 5 to 12 years after being installed. However, each roof is unique. A building’s use, location, and size all can have an impact on how long a specific coating system lasts.

After the initial coating, we recommend that re-coating be done every 10 years to maintain the leakproof warranty. It is options and can help the coating last for many additional years. After the initial cost, the re-coating process nd cost around half since you are just applying additional sustainable material without any seam sealing or prep work.

A coating’s installation and quality can affect the application’s life expectancy. High-quality coatings that have superior physical properties, like low permeability, high-tensile strength, and high elongation, weather very well they are applied properly.

Coating systems may be designed with different service life lengths. This means there is no single fixed time for re-coating. Re-coating time can be affected by environmental conditions. Aggressive environments such as warm/humid climates and coastal areas can wear down a coating faster compared to more mild environments which would necessitate a re-coating sooner.

Taxes and energy savings

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsWhen a metal roof is re-coated it helps to keep a building weathertight. This reduces energy costs and consumption. White roof coatings are very reflective and may reflect as much as 87 percent of the damaging rays of the sun, which helps to keep a building cooler. A cool roof reduces the environmental impact of the building, reduces the urban heat island effect, and also increases the comfort level of the occupants of the building. In addition, it reduces the roof’s constant thermal movement that will lead eventually to the roofing system developing leaks. Re-coating typically is able to reduce a metal roof’s surface temperature by 35-40 percent.

An elastomeric white acrylic coating can help to reduce a metal roof’s temperature by up to 50 F and reduce indoor temperatures by up to 15 F, to reduce the consumption of energy by 10-20 percent. These days, the largest expense that owners of commercial buildings have is energy. It accounts for almost one-third of total operating expenses, there can be considerable savings. To achieve additional savings, re-coating a metal roof, when integrated into an on-going maintenance program, can provide building owners with tax advantages. One of the main advantages that restoration systems have over new roof systems is the way the IRS classifies them. Restoration is classified by the IRS as maintenance. In a majority of situations, you can expense is n the same accounting period where the cost was incurred. A new roof system,, on the other hand, is classified as a capital asset and is required to be amortized over 39 years.

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Understanding re-coating

In order for re-coating to be fully optimized, it is essential to understand its terminology, the desired outcome of re-coating, functionality requirements, the current conditions of the metal roof, and its systems. When roof coatings were first introduced into the roofing industry, it was quite common for coatings to be called metal roof coatings. It has become more common for metal roof restoration to be called fluid-applied metal roofing systems. Understanding the difference is important. If your desired outcome is a color change or panel protection, a re-coating is appropriate. If additional functionality is needed by the metal roof, due to rust, leak protection, or high foot traffic, a fluid-applied metal roof system is going to be a better option. When attempting to understand the re-coating process and to make sure it is successful, three actions need to be taken:

– Make sure your re-coating contractor is reputable and credible.
– Ensure your coating system manufacturer is reputable and credible.
– If you are considering multiple coating systems or contractors, don’t choose the lowest price automatically. It is always worth it to pay a bit more for a quality product with a quality application.

If a metal roof is re-coated, it may void any current warranty on the roof. Always confirm with your roofing contractor or metal roofing manufacturer what is covered by your warranty.

By improving your understanding of the re-coating process and following these tips, you can improve maintaining a metal roof for many years into the future and save you plenty of time as well as thousands of dollars in downtime and repair costs.

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