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Does Your Roof Affect Your Utility Bills?

How To Tell If  Your Utility Bills Are Being Affected By Your Roof

In Texas, your cooling bills will always appear to be high. It isn’t easy keeping your property cool when the outdoor temperature is hotter than 90 degrees and humid. However, at times you may notice your utility bills being even higher than normal. Have you ever cranked up your AC due to a heatwave? Are people leaving the door cracked when coming in and out of your property? You might be surprised to discover that the culprit responsible for your high utility bills is your roof. Whenever your roof isn’t in top condition, it may become inefficient, and that can make it more difficult to maintain even temperatures, which can cause your HVAC to need to work overtime. The following are some of the major signs that your roof in Texas might be causing high utility expenses:

Damaged or Missing Roofing Materials

Austin Commercial Roof Repair ComtractorsWhenever summer storms hit Texas every year, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Tiles, shingles or panels may blow off, or they may be damaged or cracked. This type of roof damage may occur during a regular storm as well as over the natural course of time. Whenever roofing material is torn off or damaged, or simply falls off naturally, the roof can become vulnerable and will not be as energy-efficient as it was in the past.

At times you might notice that roofing material is damaged or missing. At other times it will be necessary to call a commercial roofing contractor and have them inspect your roof more closely in order to determine what the problem is. If you notice changes in your energy bills, call an experienced local commercial roofing company to inspect your roof to determine what is causing it.

Trustworthy, Experienced Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

Light Seen From Inside

Your roof might be damaged, but you might not see any signs of it from the top of your roof. There could be rotting decking, or it may be hard to see the damage to the tiles, shingles or panels. One way to spot the damage is by looking up at your roof during the daytime to see if any light is shining through it. It is definitely a sign there is damage, as well as a sign that the roof isn’t as efficient as possible.

Make sure to look inside of the attic, if you have one, once in a while to check if you see any signs of light from the outside. Check your attic if you notice your energy bills fluctuating. Then contact a local commercial roofer immediately for roof repair.

Poor Insulation or Ventilation

Poor insulation or ventilation may also negatively impact your property’s energy efficiency, and insulation and ventilation are essential components of your roof. However, you usually cannot diagnose insulation or ventilation problems on your own. If you have higher than normal energy expenses, contact a trustworthy local commercial roofer and have your property inspected to determine if repairs or upgrades need to be made to your insulation or ventilation.

Aging Roof

Although your roof might appear to be in good condition, if it is close to the end of its life expectancy, there is a good chance it is causing energy consumption problems. Materials are weakening and degrading slowly over time, and the roof is not providing as much insulation or protection that it did in the past. If you are aware that your roof is nearing the end of its expected life, contact an experienced commercial roofing contractor to see whether you may need to consider having a new roof installed.

In Texas, energy bills can be expensive. So that is why it is so critical to stay on top of your building maintenance to keep your expenses down. Your roof has a significant impact on the energy consumption of your property, so that is why it is essential to know the potential signs of problems and damage that might occur. It is also ever important to have help from an experienced commercial roofer to keep the damages under control so that peak energy efficiency is maintained by your roof.

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