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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Commercial Roof Replacement

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The roof is easily one of the most important components of your entire property. This is true for any building. Because of this, it also happens to be one of the most expensive. As a result, whenever you deal with an issue stemming from your roof, the owner of the building needs to consider whether they can opt for a repair or if they need a complete replacement. One of the key things to understand going into making this type of decision is the primary costs involved in a commercial roof replacement. Along with this, the type of replacement is another factor that must be considered. After all, you need to allocate a specific budget to the job.

Throughout this article, we’ll be going over some of the most pertinent factors that will impact the overall cost of your commercial roof replacement.

1. Type
2. Roof Access
3. What’s Underneath
4. Wind Loads and Fastenings
5. Code Requirements

Type Of Roof

Commercial roofs can be classified under two different categories:

– Flat

– Sloped

Throughout most cases, the single best roof material for a flat roof is built-up bituminous roofing or single-ply roof. It was around 25 years of age when single-ply materials became viable options. Around that time, a lot of people had concerns that only having a single layer of protection would make the roof susceptible to leaks. Throughout many years, these roofs are very durable and they come with a long-term warranty to speak to it. These roofs are typically much more affordable and they don’t require as much time to install as a lot of the other flat roofing alternatives.

Commercial Roof Replacement CompaniesFasteners and Wide Loads

The type of fasteners you should be using will depend on where your building is located. Also, it will be dictated by both the weather surrounding your area and any local codes that exist. For instance, in the state of Florida, any building needs to be designed to be capable of withstanding windows up to 150-miles per hour. Thus, a building in Florida will need to have much stronger fasteners and the roof needs to be secured at greater intervals than some of the other properties in other states might need.

Code Requirements

There are also a lot of other local, regional, and state requirements that your building is likely going to need to adhere to. This is something that can impact everything from the insulation installed to the substrate and even the ventilation. It can also impact the slope.

These five different factors are not the only thing that is going to dictate the overall cost of your commercial roof replacement and installation, but they are very helpful in getting a good idea of how much it should be expected to cost. When you run into issues with your roof, you’re going to want to research and find a reputable roofing consultant to assist. That way, you can identify the most affordable solution to your needs whether it be a full replacement or a repair.

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What’s Underneath

Every finished roof has a variety of components underneath:

– Roof structure (metal, concrete, wood deck)
– Insulation
– Cover board
– Various other substrate materials

The overall condition of the various materials is likely to impact your re-roofing estimate. If there is a lot of prominent water damage and the materials are going to need to be fully replaced, you can expect to pay a lot more. In various instances, you’ll find that an experienced and professional consultant can properly identify the areas that need to be repaired by looking at and even feeling the roof. However, in most cases, they will be using moisture detecting equipment and even infrared technology to figure out where there might be trapped and hidden moisture present. That being said, in a lot of cases, you will not know the overall cost impact associated with the damage in the substrate materials until after all of the older materials on top are torn off.

Roof Access

Roof access is another thing that can have a significant impact on the overall cost to replace or repair your roof. There are plenty of accessibility factors that can alter the price including:

– Height
– Material storage areas
– Occupancy
– Property access

A building that is 20-stories high is going to be a lot more expensive than re-roofing a building that is only 2-stories high. After all, the roofing company will require cranes to lift various heavy materials. Also, for a large-scale roofing project, it’s likely going to be needed to store a lot of materials for the job. Having wide open “lay down” areas surrounding the building is likely to make the overall logistics a lot easier which can subsequently lower the total cost.

Any building that is occupied is going to pose a lot more challenges than a vacant building. After all, there is the safety, health, and productivity of everyone inside to consider. Therefore, it could force the roof work to be completed after hours which is going to add additional costs. Lastly, the ability to get the proper equipment into the property is going to impact the overall cost, as well.

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