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Get a Commercial Roof Inspection to Prepare For Spring Storms

You need a Commercial Roof Inspection to determine if your commercial roofing has been damaged by damp weather and winter. If there are existing cracks present already, the damage might be even worse. Repairs need to be done immediately after damage takes place in order to avoid expensive replacement following snow or rain. Failing to have your roof repaired before wet or cold weather arrives will end up costing more money and potentially irreparable damage.

A commercial roof’s flat design makes it more susceptible to damage. Any damage or cracks can be made worse in cold weather if they are not repaired immediately. Roof repairs can be expensive. However, they will be a lot more affordable if they are done before any extreme conditions set in. Make sure your commercial roof is in its optimal shape before winter arrives to protect your investment and your building’s value.

Commercial Roof Inspections You Can Rely On

Warmer weather is coming soon, so it time to got those hatches battened down before the spring storms strike. Since the roof is the part of a commercial building that is most likely to be abused the most and could result in it needing to be repaired, is the roof read? Use this easy checklist and follow it to give your roofing a good inspection to ensure you are heading into the unpredictable weather season in good condition. If you detect any problems, give your roofing service a call today to ensure your roof is in top condition before the storms arrive.

1. Inspect and Clean Gutters

Get your roof inspection started by cleaning the gutters out and check to ensure they are functioning properly and are in good shape. Clogged or damaged gutters might appear to be a minor issue; however, spring storms can bring torrential rains, and play a significant role in your roof being kept safe.

2. Inspect the Roof

Commercial Roof Inspection CompaniesUse binoculars to look closely at your roof. Search for any damage that might need to be repaired by a professional roofing company. Search for anything that seems to be damaged or broken or anything that looks like it is part of regular damage or wear. If it is a widespread problem across a large section of the roof, it might be time to consider having your roof replaced before a storm strikes and makes the damage even worse.

3. Check Under The Inside Part of the Roof

Areas underneath the roof are the best places to search for evidence of damage or leaks that have begun over the winter. Search for wood rots, sagging beams, mildew, mold, damp insulation, and stained wood. These all suggest that there are leaks that need to be repaired before storms hit. A damaged and weak roof is not well-prepared for all of the wind and rain that is on its way.

2. Do A Comprehensive Walk-Around

With your binoculars in hand, conduct a comprehensive walkaround to visually inspect your roof to look at everything. Pay close attention to such things as moss, algae, mildew or mold growth, any type of infestation, anything underneath the eaves, missing flashing around protrusions and in the corners, and sags on the roof-line that can weaken and damage your roof. Watch for anything that appears to be out of place or unusual. Then follow this up by contacting a roofing contractor and have them out to do a closer inspection.

Secure Your Rooftop Equipment

If there is any equipment on your roof, such as an HVAC system or other types of machinery, use proper strapping to ensure it is secured. That will help to prevent your equipment from detaching and knocking around on your roof in a storm. If the equipment is kept n place it will save your roof from suffering serious damage.

5. Prune Your Trees

Blowing storm winds can result in nearby trees seriously damaging your roof. Reduce your risk of roof damage or a large branch going through your roof by pruning any nearby trees and remove dead parts.

Commercial Roofing Contractors With the Experience You’re Looking For

Get a Roof Maintenance Program Implemented

Having preventive maintenance performed means that your check your roof periodically have it inspected regularly so that any small problems that are detected do not turn into larger ones. When you get a roof maintenance program implemented you will get used to repairing damage and taking good care of your roof. Then, once a storm hits, your roof will be in good shape to weather the rain and wind, and you will be prepared afterward to check for any storm damage.

Before Spring Storms Strike Check Your Roof

Storm damage to commercial roofs and buildings is the top fear of almost half of the business owners in areas where the weather can get unpredictable. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you if you take good care of your roof prior to the bad weather. With help from an experienced roofing company, get the small things taken care of that can leave your roof vulnerable to pounding rains, pummeling hail, and whipping winds so that your commercial building is kept dry and safe throughout the entire storm season.

To make sure that your flat commercial roof is in good condition and will be able to endure the winter season, call a specialized and experience flat roof contractor to have them inspect and assess the current state that your roof is in. We employ infrared imaging to detect any damage or weaknesses to your roof. We are then able to restore your roof to its original condition and make sure it is prepared to withstand future bad weather. No matter what system is in place or material that is used, we have everything necessary to take good care of your commercial roof to ensure it gets through all of the seasons.

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