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Hail Resistant Roof Options

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Impact resistant roofing will help to keep your property from being damaged by hail. What is impact resistant roofing? There are 4 categories, according to Underwriter Laboratories – Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. They’re tested by firing steel balls of different sizes at the material to simulate hail, which shows how well a roof can withstand impact.

The best protection comes from Class 4 materials, and, as a result, will lower your insurance premiums the most. Certain types of roofing materials have higher natural impact ratings than others. Stone or man-made materials, like slate, ceramic tiles and stone materials are usually more resistant to hail. They have a very rigid structure that absorbs the impact of hail and keeps the surface from being damaged. Another roofing material that’s very hail-resistant is metal roofing.

Austin Emergency Roof RepairIn the South and Southwest, Mother Nature can produce some incredibly destructive storms. When you combine heat and dust rising from the earth’s surface, with cooler air coming down from the mountainous regions, they can create some nasty conditions. When the air cools, moisture surrounds and freezes around dust in the upper atmosphere and hail is formed. Sometimes in incredible and destructive sizes. In 1995, Mayer Arizona had 4.5 inch hailstones. In May 2009, Las Vegas was hit with 4 inches of hail in less than an hour. Many metro areas in the Southwest have seen golf ball sized hail cause massive damage throughout their cities. Its not just the roofs themselves that get damaged. Skylights, gutters, drainage systems and downspouts are also heavily affected, not to mention personal property and vehicles.

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A lot of roofing material products are made more hail resistant by altering them and increasing their density. As an example, you can choose thicker shake shingles over thinner ones in storm susceptible areas. You can coat metal panels with rubberized coating that make them thicker and more impact resistant than normal metal panels. You can use tiles made of a flexible, rubber-like material that will cause hail to bounce off it, instead of splintering or shattering. Special fibers are even being added to asphalt shingles, making them more resistant to impacts and lessening the damage that hail can inflict on shingle roofs. One great material that works well against hail damage is foam. It absorbs and cushions the impact of hail due to its rubberized coating.

If you have a commercial property, protecting your business from hail damage is even more critical than it is with residential property. Hail can put merchandise, inventory, and possibly, even customers at risk from either water damage caused by hail damaging the roofing material, allowing water to get through or maybe even an entire roof collapse from the weight of the ice formed by the hailstones. There are lots of great affordable choices that allow commercial property owners to protect their building, merchandise, workers and customers.

We at Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors have plenty of experience assessing and repairing damage from hail storms. If you need a professional, reliable and experienced roofing contractor to answer any questions you have about either your existing roofing system or a roofing system that you are considering installing or replacing, give us a call at (512) 333-7663.


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