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How Commercial Roof Coating Systems Work

How Commercial Roof Coating Systems Actually Work

If you are not familiar with how commercial roof coating systems work, this is a good chance to help you better understand why some products work better than others do and what we can do to help which long-term products are best suited for your application.

Sunlight / UV

The sun is the most significant factor that impacts your roofing system’s long-term health. In addition to light and heat, the sun continuously emits UV radiation. UV radiation breaks down slowly whatever it keeps beating down every day. Applying a roof coating basically builds up protection layers over the top of the roof. These layers resist the regular breakdown of the underlying roof materials into a single seamless layer. If there is no seamless layer on top, the elements will may their way into the nooks and crannies making up a structure.

As time goes on, the sun strips small amounts away from the top layer. The underlying protective coating also continues to get thinner. The sun eventually breaks through the layer and things such as pooling make their way into a structure and start to cause damage.

The two main factors that over time make the system work are its initial thickness and its sun resistance.

Commercial Roof Coatings That Will Protect Your Roof

Product Innovations

Commercial Roof Coating ContractorsAmong the most significant roofing technology advancements is the way that UV radiation is resisted by coating materials. Better resistance results in fewer breakdowns over the years and the roof ends up lasting a lot longer. Our job is helping to determine which are the best products, based on testing and research, will provide you with the highest quality results for the roofing project you are planning to do. We can then help you understand which options are the best for your individual situation.

Quality Installation

No matter which materials you end up using, they need to be installed properly. This is where we can help. West Coast Roofing provides very high-quality roofing repairs and services on thousands of Phoenix roofs as well as all around the state of Arizona. Allow us to put our extensive experience and expertise to work for you to ensure that use the right job and that your job is handled properly in order to minimize the possibility of any complications and problems in the future. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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