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How to Handle an Insurance Claim

Commercial Roof Repair Insurance Claims

When you sustain damage to your roof, as a property owner, it can be stressful. The insurance claim process will make you navigate contact with roofing contractors, claims adjusters and probably your mortgage company, if you have one. To handle the insurance claim process the best way from beginning to end, we recommend you follow these five tips.

Check for Damage Right Away
If you think your roof has been damaged, call an experienced commercial roofing contractor to have your roof inspected. Even though your roof may look fine from the outside, there could be internal damage that only a trained eye can see. Some insurance policies have guidelines that tell you the timeframe, after damage has occurred to your roof, you are allowed to notify them and have the damage covered under your policy. After a major storm, as soon as it is safe to do so, have your roof inspected.

Check Your Policy and Know Whats Covered
Be sure to contact your insurance company right away. If you wait, you might not be able to submit the claim. You should always have a current policy of your insurance available to be able to check what the limitations may be for reporting damage and what types of damage are and aren’t covered. Some policies have additional guidance that detail the amount of damage that will be covered. For an inspection, if your roof is older than ten years, your insurance might only cover a portion of the roof replacement cost, based on the depreciated value of your roof. If you’re not sure of the exact coverage you have, contact your insurance agent or provider. When you submit your claim, an adjuster will be sent out to your property to inspect the damage and determine the amount the insurance company will pay out to repair or replace your roof.

Take Photos and Document the Issues
An experienced roofing contractor knows where to check for damage and should be thorough documenting the damage and Commercial Roof Repair Estimateshow bad it is. They should take photos of damaged areas and give you written documentation of what needs to be repaired and the estimated expense. But, you may have damage that’s not extensive enough to justify an insurance claim. If this is the case, your roofing contractor can work with you directly to repair your roof. If the damages warrant it, you’ll need to get your insurance company involved and will need to provide documented proof of the damage, including size measurements, the circumstances that caused the damage, and dates and times they occurred. It is always a good idea to take periodic photos of your roof, especially after routine maintenance has been done. Be certain the photos are clear and stamped with the date and time. Take photos from different angles to show the entirety of your roof. You can make a better, more persuasive argument and will have proof to justify that the damaged areas were not there before the storm and were a direct result of it.

Commercial Roof repair Contractors You Can Depend On

Watch Out for Contingency Contracts
Most roofing contractors will provide a free inspection roof replacement estimate. Bu be careful and be aware of contingency contracts that are disguised as an inspection report. By signing one of these, you’re agreeing to give the job to that roofing company, if your insurance claim is approved. You are getting estimates at this point and you shouldn’t need to sign anything. If you get pressured into signing something, it’s a sign that you should find a more trustworthy roof replacement contractor. Checking the BBB website and choosing only the companies that have an A- or better rating is a great way to narrow down your list to only those roofing professionals who are capable of doing quality work.

Hire a Roofing Contractor With Insurance Experience
If your claim is covered under your policy, you’ll be sent the funds to fix the damage. You can have the roofing contractor to complete repairs or, sometimes, replace your entire roof. When selecting a contractor, ask for references and only use experienced, quality roofing professionals. You should get multiple estimates when replacing your roof so you can be sure you’re not being charged too much. You’ll also have more data to help you choose a qualified roofing contractor that you’re confident can handle the job. Not all roofing contractors provide insurance claim assistance. Others have insurance adjusters on staff that can help you with each detail of your claim to get the maximum amount for your roof replacement.

Getting roof damage covered by your insurance company can be a confusing and lengthy process.By choosing an experienced and reputable roofing contractor, they can work with you to ensure your roofing damage is submitted correctly to your insurance company and the roof replacement is done quickly and accurately. The roof replacement experts at Armadillo Roofing and Exteriors are experienced in handling roof insurance claims and restoring your property back to its original condition. If your roof was recently damaged by a severe storm call us at 512-333-7663. We’ll schedule a free roof inspection, document the damage for you, and give you an accurate to get your insurance claim handled correctly.

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