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How To Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Multi-Family Complex’s Roof

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Are you wondering when you should look into replacing your roofs? Should you replace them on a specific timetable or should you wait until you start having issues?

Roofs serve a very important purpose. After all, they cover your property whether it be your multi-family condo, apartment, or even a town-home complex. They work to provide a layer of protection from the elements for anything and everything underneath. Knowing when it’s time to replace your roof or even repair them is a very important thing for cost effective property management and it can dramatically impact your budget.

Below, you will learn about how to tell it’s time for a new roof.

1. Your Roofs Are Showing Signs Of Aging

The main reason you would want to consider getting a roof replacement has to do with them simply being old. No matter what the roof is made up of, it has a lifespan. That being said, if you keep your roof in optimal condition with routine maintenance and have addressed roofing issues promptly, you should be able to exceed the expected lifespan of your roofs. Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily assume you need a roof replacement strictly because the warranty period is expiring.

That being said, if some of the roofs in your property complex haven’t been properly maintained and/or they are experiencing a lot of the problems listed below, they are likely not going to last as long as you would like.

Roofs can fail prematurely for a variety of reasons. One reason could be that they were installed improperly. After all, contractors aren’t perfect. They can make mistakes during the installation process on accident and they might even cut corners just to save on time and money. If the contractor failed to follow the manufacturers’ exact instructions or if they didn’t use the recommended materials, the lifespan of your roofs could suffer because of it. The only way you can tell if this is an issue with your roofs is by having them inspected by a professional and qualified contractor that you trust.

2. You’re Spending A Lot Of Money On Roofing Repairs Yearly

If you find that you are spending way too much money on roofing repair on a yearly or more frequent basis, it is a clear-cut sign that the roofs need to be replaced entirely.

You will want to thoroughly examine your roofing records over the past few years and figure out how much money you have spent on total repairs. During this process, you want to factor in everything from the cost of repairing anything that was damaged due to a roof leak to anything else that was damaged because of a malfunctioning roof.

From there, you will want to compare what you are spending annually on all of these repairs with how much it would cost to simply replace your roof with a new installation. For instance, if you find that you are spending anywhere from $15 to 25,000 on yearly repairs, you could instead look to spend that money elsewhere on a new roof that isn’t going to cause the same kind of collateral damage as a leaky roof. Over a few years, you will notice these savings adding up and eventually offering you a return on your investment. You will even be able to avoid future costly roofing repairs that you would likely require if you stuck with the older roofs.

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3. You See Signs Of Degradation

Best Commercial Roofer in AustinYou might notice that roofs that aren’t necessarily very old begin to show signs of deterioration and degradation regardless of their age. These signs can include but aren’t limited to bald spots on the shingles, curled shingles, cupped shingles, or even broken or torn shingles due to severe weather damage.

You might notice bald spots on the shingles which typically occur with some of the lesser-priced budget asphalt shingles. Cupped shingles are usually a byproduct of the roof being exposed to excess moisture. If you notice pieces being blown off the shingles, it is usually a result of the adhesive on the shingles failing.

If you notice shingles completely blown off and there hasn’t been a lot of strong winds that could have caused it, the installation was likely faulty. Any shingles that experience these types of issues are not going to offer the full protection that is required from a roof. Therefore, you can expect leaks now and in the future. Likewise, the UV rays from the sun will continue to penetrate and eat away at all of the unprotected areas of the roof which can further increase the speed at which the roof degrades. It’s important to remember that asphalt shingles can be subject to water damage as they aren’t waterproof. Because these shingles are usually installed on buildings that feature steep-slopes, they are primarily designed to not allow water to sit to cause any water damage.

4. You Want To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Community

Installing new roofing on the properties in your complex can do wonders for making your complex look much better. This is even more so true for complexes that already have older looking roofs that are fading or just not aesthetically pleasing. You will notice with 3-tab shingles that changes to the roof appearance can occur rapidly and if your roofs have begun to experience the various things like telegraphing over a period of time, it can really detract from the properties and make them look older than they are. While this doesn’t ruin their performance, it can really take away from the aesthetics of your properties.

If you have condo or town-home owners that are looking to enhance their curb appeal and raise their market value, you will want to look to invest in roof replacement to achieve the result you are looking for. With so many different asphalt shingles that you can choose from, you should be able to completely transform the entire look and feel of your entire complex while benefiting from not having to conduct a lot of maintenance in the future. You will usually notice the biggest dramatic improvement in properties that were built in either the 1960s or 1970s.

5. You Want To Improve Other Parts Of The Property

If you are already planning on doing other renovations or making other changes and improvements to the properties, it might be a good time to invest in a roof replacement. By using it in addition to the other improvements, you can really benefit from the multiplier effect that you would get from making all the renovations.

If you are already planning on making changes to the exterior of the buildings, you will want to be certain that you are addressing those changes in your roof preparations to ensure that you are choosing roofing materials that will mesh well with the other changes you are making. You might be able to match the existing roof exactly as it is, but often you want to choose the same type of shingle in different colors to avoid calling more attention to fading roof color.

In other instances, re-roofing the existing properties to ensure that all of the roofs matches can make a lot of sense. While each situation is likely to be different, you might want to consider doing it all at once so you can benefit from the reduction in cost from buying in bulk versus doing every property one at a time. It is always going to be much more cost-effective to hire a contractor to do everything at once versus spreading your roof replacements or installations out at different times.

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