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How To Know If You Need Commercial Flat Roof Repair After A Hailstorm

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Hail storms leave behind trails of damage and can trigger some extensive commercial flat roof repair. Hailstorms move rapidly and have short busts of energy hence they do not last for long and they leave as quickly as they started. Most people dismiss hailstorms as minor occurrences and do not not bother to check their roof for damages since the damage is not easily noticed and it is really hard to spot. It is important to inspect your roof from time to time after hailstorms to avoid surprises in future since hails can speed up erosion on your roof causing it to wear off quickly.

First of all, one needs to know what hail damage looks like. Hail falls in random patterns and may or not cause damage instantly to your roof. If you can see discoloration, indentations, dings, chipped surfaces and granules clustered together on your roof, then you can be sure that those are signs you are looking for. The damage caused by Hailstorms can affect the longevity of your roof and also affect the aesthetic outlook of your roof.

Here are several things to look out for as you inspect your roof for hailstorms damage:

Condition of the Surrounding Area

Even before you pull out that ladder from your garage to make that trip to your roof, looking at the surrounding area after a hailstorm can already tell you if your roof is damaged. If the hailstorm was really strong, you might find your outdoor living area is in a mess, broken furniture, items from your neighbor could have been dragged to your compound and the landscaping is in shambles with broken flowers plants and pots. One sure way to tell if the giant hailstorm did a number on your roof is by checking for dents or cracks on flat surfaces such as car hoods.

Check for Dents on Flashing

Emergency Commercial Flat Roof RepairIf dents are visible on the metal flashing bordering the roof, then that means the roofing membrane is damaged. Metal flashing around vents and chimneys may be damaged and allow rain water to seep through. In addition, checking the gutters, down spout and vents for loose granules and dents can help you determine the state of your roof. If the gutter is clogged and overflowing due to granules from shingles then your roof is damaged and needs attention. You can quickly identify damage to areas like chimney covers by running a peace of chalk sideways on the surface in order to view impact points.

Blisters on the Roofing Membrane

If blisters are present on the roofing membrane, it is time to make that call to your roofing contractors. Blisters cause a huge problem if left unresolved. They appear as small indentations of small round marks which of left unattended spreads to other parts of the roof to become holes.

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Inspect the Insulation Board

Priority checking is done for the external roofing surface but the insulation board is rarely inspected. To avoid experiencing a major problem in future, check the membrane for any damage since the hailstorm can affect how it adheres to roofing materials.

Observe the Interior of the Building

After hail storms, if you can see leaks and light from outside and not from the skylight, then that is a sure sign that your roof is damaged. If your roof is leaking through to your ceiling then your property will get damaged which could lead to a bigger problem if the water gets to the electronics. Water stains on the ceiling, walls and mold are clear indication that your roof is damaged and needs immediate attention.

Check If the Air Conditioning Unit is Working Fine

Air conditioning units are made of condenser coils made of aluminum fins which are usually exposed. If hailstones damage the fins, then there will be no air circulation.

Look for Damage on Painted Wood Surfaces

If your painted surfaces show sign of hailstorm damage such as chipped paint, then that can tell that the hailstorm impact was strong.

Check the Shingles Status, if You Have Them

Looking at shingles, edges and ridge cap is important since these are the areas that receive the most impact from a hailstorm. You may notice circular cracks and dents in the shingles which will cause exposure to your roof hence damage from weather conditions will be experienced. If a shingle is damaged, it needs immediate treatment to avoid tearing of other shingles around it as well as reduce accelerated aging process.

After noticing the signs of roof damage, the next step is seeking services of roof contractors. You may also not be interested in checking the roof for damages after the hailstorm and here is where the professionals come in. Professional roof contractors possess the relevant knowledge, skills and tools to assess the damage and make recommendations. This is because they know how to differentiate between normal roofing wear and hail damage. Good thing is that some roofing contractors offer free inspection services and you do not have to worry at all if your pocket does not feel right. Their findings will help you make up your mind if you need to make a claim with your insurance company or the roofing manufacturers.

It is advisable to keep a record of hailstorms that occur such as the time the storm hit and the size of the storm. Also try find temporary solutions to the affected areas by the hailstorm as this shows the insurance firms you are also keen in solving the hailstorm damage.

Discovering hail damage early enough has numerous benefits since you get to fix the problem before it escalates which could also save you some money if the area to be repaired is not very large. You will also prevent respiratory infections since mold may develop in areas with roof leaks and keep your home will be in great state.

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