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Metal Roof Repair Answers

Are you the owner of a commercial building that needs metal roof repair?

Perhaps the commercial and industrial buildings that you take care of have a metal roofing system. Most of the commercial buildings in the United States use such a system. So, there is a high probability that the buildings you manage have the same type of metal roof and may need metal roof repair.

If you have been taking care of your buildings for a while, you are probably familiar with problems like roof leaks. Leaks on metal roofs are unlike leaks on other kinds of roofing systems. So, these leaks need to be fixed in a very specific way.

Metal roofs can be found in a wide range of buildings. In addition to the typical commercial and industrial properties, they can be found on residential properties with roofs that have a steep slope. Sometime an industrial property will have a metal roof in place for structural support as well as for waterproofing.

If you have ever dealt with the problem of your metal roofing system leaking, you are in good company. Metal roofs are notorious in springing leaks in certain vulnerable areas. It all depends on how the roof was originally installed and how the roofing system has been maintained over the years.

Here are some of the common problems that a lot of metal roofs have:

– Oxidation of the metal pieces
– Seams that are open
– Flashings that are open or not redirecting water properly
– Loose fasteners
– Loose counterflashing
– Damage to the metal panels
– Incorrect installation

To get a better understanding of how leaks occur on a metal roof, it is important to learn more about how a metal roof is designed.

Is the Metal Roofing System Created For Structural or Architectural Purpose?

Commercial Metal Roof CompaniesA metal roof system can be used for either a structural purpose or an architectural purpose. The main difference between the two is that one uses a structural roof deck.

In an architectural metal roof system, the roof panels on top are supported by a separate structural roof deck. You can find this type of design on most residential buildings and shopping centers. The metal panels do not stand on their own and require the support of a separate structural system beneath.

On the other hand, a structural metal roof is designed for structural purposes. The roof panels are used to waterproof the building as well as to serve as the roof’s structural deck. You can usually find these metal roofs on pre-engineered commercial buildings. In this design, you start with the roofing frame, or the purlins. A layer of insulation is laid on the horizontal purlins. Then the metal panels lay on top of the insulation. The metal panels are attached to the purlins by clips.

Is the Design for Hydrostatic or Hydrokinetic Purposes?

The slope of the building’s roof also plays an important part in the roof design. It can be installed for a low slope or a steep slope. However, the decision must be made first before the metal roof is installed or else big problems can result.

According to the NRCA (The National Roofing Contractors Association), a roof system has a low slope if the slope is less than 3:12. Any incline more than that is considered steep. So, for a proper metal roof installation, you must determine if it will be installed for a steep slope or a low slope because these two approaches are different.

If the goal is for the roof to retain water until it can be properly drained, then a hydrostatic metal roofing system would be appropriate because this can hold water and prevent water leaks. In this design, the tin and copper roof panels are installed with seams soldered flat. This design approach is mostly found on big pre-engineered metal commercial properties and residential properties. Installing a roof system that is meant for steep slopes would cost a lot more.

Conversely, if the intention is for the roof to release water, then a hydrokinetic metal roof assembly would be appropriate. This is used when water cannot stay on top of a commercial or residential building, and it allows water to run off. If a hydrostatic design is used by mistake, it can force the standing water into the seams and cause leaks on the metal roof.

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