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Methods For Fixing Leaking Commercial Metal Roofing

Do you have a building that has a metal roof system? Perhaps you are responsible for managing an industrial or commercial property with a standing seam metal roofing system. In the U.S., a high percentage of overall roofing systems are metal roof systems. There is a very good chance that at some point in time you have been responsible for a building that has a metal roof. So you probably want to know about your metal roof repair options.

If you have ever been responsible for a building with a metal roof system then you have probably had metal roof leaks that you needed to deal with. A metal roof is comprised of details that are unique to this type of system. This results in the repair options also being unique.

A wide range of different buildings has metal roof systems. They are also installed on residential buildings which have a tendency to be situated on a steep slope. They are installed on industrial and commercial buildings. There are some industrial buildings that use a metal roof system for both their structural roof deck and as a waterproofing system.

Has your metal roofing system experienced any roof leaks? If so, you are definitely not alone. In certain areas, metal roof systems tend to be susceptible to leaking conditions.

The devil is definitely in the details, as the saying goes. This is definitely true when it comes to maintaining and installing metal roof assemblies.

The following are some of the most common metal roof problems:

Panel damage
Improper installation methods
Loose counterflashing
Open ridge/headwall flashing
Fastener backout
Metal roof oxidation
Open penetration flashings
Open seams

Before discussing the areas where leaks develop, let’s take a look at q couple of a metal roof system’s major design characteristics.

An Experienced Commercial Metal Roof Repair Company

Architectural vs. Structural Metal Roof Systems

Metal Roof Restoration CompaniesThere are two different metal roof systems that you can install. They are a structural metal roof assembly or an architectural metal roof assembly. Using a structural roof deck is the main difference between these two.

Architectural metal roof systems are installed on top of separate structural roof decks. Most residential applications use this type of system. They also are found on various commercial buildings like shopping centers that have a separate deck for supporting their metal roof panels. The major characteristic of this kind of metal roofing system design is it is equipped with a separate structural deck for supporting the metal panels.

The name structural metal roof system is exactly like it sounds. Metal roof panels are used by the design as both the building’s waterproofing system and the roof’s structural deck. Typically, metal roof systems can be found on pre-engineered metal buildings. Clips attached to the panels on the building’s horizontal purlins are used to install these types of metal roof systems. Before these metal panels get installed, batten insulation is usually laid over the purlins.

Hydrokinetic vs. Hydrostatic Designs

The slope is a separate design characteristic that metal roof systems have. A metal roof system can either be installed on a low slope application or a steep slope. Metal roof systems can encounter major problems if the slope is not considered.

When a metal roof system is designed, installed, and maintained, it is critical to consider the roof’s slope. Low-sloped roof systems are defied by the NRCA as all roofs with slopes of under 3:12. Other roofing systems are all steep-sloped.

A hydrostatic metal roof system is designed for holding water until it is able to drain. This type of roof system can hold water without causing the roof system to leak. These metal roofs typically are used on large pre-engineered metal buildings. It is more expensive to design larger structures with steep-sloped roof assemblies. Hydrostatic metal roofing systems are used in residential applications as well. Copper and tin metal roofs may be installed in a hydrostatic system using soldered flat seams.

Hydrokinetic metal roof assemblies have been designed for shedding water. This type of system is designed to be used in steep slope applications. These types of applications are used on commercial and residential applications where it is important for water to not stay on the roof. If the roof system retains water, hydrostatic pressure can be created and force water in and create metal roof leaks.

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