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Metal Roof Replacement Options

Metal Roof Replacement and Repair Options: Replacement versus Restoration versus Repair

There are three main options that are available to building manages and owners to deal with before considering metal roof replacement on their building. They can either replace an old roof by installing a new roof assembly, restore the current roof system, or repair the current roof

So if your metal roofing system has leaking conditions, you will need to determine whether you will replace, restore, or repair your roof system.

1. Maintain and Repair

One option is to repair and maintain a metal roof system. This type of roof system has an estimated useful life of 30 years or longer when the original installation is a high-quality one. It is highly recommended that you review your metal roof system be reviewed biannually to detect problems early before they have a chance to get worse.

The key to keeping a metal roof system well-maintained is reviewing the roofing system regularly. The best thing is to detect problems early on before there is a chance for them to get worse. Problems such as oxidation may be addressed early on at a lower cost. Finding fasteners that have begun to backout and re-tightening them can help to reduce leaks and keep the roof system well-maintained.

2. Restoration

As metal roofs continue to age, usually leaks will occur more often. The roof system’s overall condition and rate of leaks will eventually require a lot more work. A roof will continue to get older without restoration work being done. There is a limited opportunity for getting a restoration program implemented before it becomes necessary to replace the roof.

Metal roof Restoration ContractorsThere are typically a specific series of steps involved in metal roof restoration. They include repairing the deficiencies discussed above including using a rust inhibitor and replacing fasteners. It might also be necessary to have additional repairs done to penetrations and details. Once the repairs are done, it is strongly recommended that a coating be applied to the roof system’s surface.

Coating materials are available in two main types. They are urethane coatings and acrylic coatings. These options are both available when metal roof restoration is considered. Each has restrictions that need to be considered when a restoration solution is being designed.

3. Replacement

A metal retrofit system is a new and innovative metal roof replacement option. This type of system can be used when a low-sloped metal roofing system needs to be replaced. This type of system typically is installed on top of structured metal roofing systems. The existing roofing system then becomes the new roof system’s metal deck.

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How it Works

Metal retrofit systems are installed by an area being fulled in on the metal panel with insulation board in between the metal ribs. That results in a flush surface being created. Once the infill has been installed, an extra insulation board layer is installed to create a solid surface that the roof membrane can be applied to. The final step is to install a new single-ply membrane.

Simulated Standing Seam

In certain situations, a metal roof appearance is desired. However, the job conditions prevent the system from being installed. Jobs with complex layouts or where there is a non-nailable deck surface can limit being able to use traditional metal roof panels.

Simulated standing seam roof assemblies have been designed by single-ply manufacturers to meet these unique projects’ needs. In order to address this specific project requirement, a standard PVC roofing system is featured by the system. Once the roof system is finished, a simulated standing seam rib gets applied to the surface of the roof. That provides a standing seam that has a single-ply membrane system’s benefits.

Traditional Metal Roof Systems

The best solution for some projects is the feel and appearance of metal roofing. There are many different kinds of metal roof panels that are available that range from standing seam metal panels to metal roof shingles. The best application to use will be different for every building and project.

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