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Metal Roof Restoration Options And Advantages

Commercial Metal Roof  Services For You

One of the most durable and strongest systems that are available for commercial buildings is metal roofing systems. Unfortunately, they are also among the most expensive. The purpose of restoration is to extend the life of an existing metal roof system. Roman’s Roofing and Restoration team are metal roof restoration experts.

Restoring an existing metal roof system provides numerous benefits. They include the following:

• Increased lifespan. When a metal roof is restored, the longevity of the roof system can be increased by decades.

Increased energy efficiency. Depending on which system you choose for your restoration, it could save you as much as 50%. Up to 85% of the rays of the sun are reflected away from a building, which significantly reduces cooling costs.

Problems are eliminated. When a metal roof is restored, small leaks are eliminated or small issues that might be cropping up. Stopping these small problems, before they turn into big problems is the key to lowering overall costs and increased longevity.

Sustainability. All of us are focused on improving our environment and reducing waste. Restoring a roof, instead of replacing, reduces the use of landfills, reduces overall waste, and reduces the carbon footprint.

Aesthetics. Professional appearance is absolutely key, no matter what kind of business is housed in a commercial building. A rusty-looking, worn-out roof might not convey the level of quality that you would customers to see. When your metal roof is restored, it will reinforce o your customer the priority you place on quality and how much your business premises.

Metal Roof Restoration Contractors in Austin TX

Metal Roof Restoration Options

Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsThere are different ways that an existing metal roofing system can be restored. The best option for your specific situation will depend on a number of different factors. These variables can include cost, weather, location, building load capacity, roof slope, and other factors.

Knowing which system is best for your business is just one of the services provided by Roman’s Roofing and Restoration. There are a few options that are commonly available for restoration. These include adding single-ply coatings or metal over metal. Each provides your commercial building with its own unique benefits.

Metal over Metal

Our team can add extra metal roofing materials to complete a metal roofing restoration for you. It can be done by adding lifters, with a small gap left in between the metal roofing materials two levels, where insulation can be added or restoration can be placed directly on top of the current metal roof materials.

Single-ply Coating

Or your current metal roof system can be prepared and coated with a reflective, durable, and strong single-ply membrane system or coating. The option includes covering and sealing areas of protrusion, leaks, and existing seams, which provides the whole roofing structure with a seamless covering.

Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors (512) 333-7663 provides commercial metal roof restoration, commercial metal roof repair and commercial metal roof installation services to Austin, Texas and the surrounding Austin area communities. When it comes time to decide whether you should restore or replaqce your commercial metal roof, do yourself and your company’s finances a favor and give us a call.

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