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Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Considerations When Fixing a Commercial Roof

A commercial building’s roof is one of its most important features. A good, sound, watertight roof keeps the rest of the property from moisture intrusion and other damaging factors from outside. When there’s an issue, or the roof comes to the end of its useful life, it will be one of the most expensive features to correct.

That’s the reason it’s important to try to repair rather than replace your roof. A well-done and timely repair can bring considerable cost savings. On the other hand, in some cases, a repair is just an expensive band-aid over an issue that will need to be addressed soon anyway. Here, we’ll go over four key factors to keep in mind when making the decision about repairing or replacing a commercial building’s roof:

  • The Cause of the Problem
  • The Status of the Warranty
  • Age of the Roof and Cost of the Repair
  • Potential Tax Incentives

The Root of the Issue

A common mistake property owners make is thinking that if leaks occur often, the whole roof is bad and needs to be replaced. But repeat leaking can often have more to do with installation problems than the roof itself, and a proper fix can be a much more affordable option.

The first place to check when this occurs is at any penetration locations in the roof. Penetrations are spots where holes are punched through the roof – for things like mechanical equipment stands. If leaks are happening at penetrations, then you could have had a poor installation. Depending on the number of penetrations, repairing the flashing will probably fix your problem much more efficiently than completely replacing it.

On the other hand, if the leaks are penetrating seams in different roofing materials, then it may make more sense to replace rather than repair.

Commercial Roof Repair Advice You Can Count On

Is It Covered by Warranty?

If your roof has an active, effective warranty, then, obviously, you’ll want to get your repairs or your roof replacement done while it is Commercial Roof Repairunder warranty. However, warranties on roofs can be difficult to navigate. For one thing, many warranties use prorations, meaning you will only get credit for the remaining lifespan of the roof. Also, the manufacturer’s warranty is a separate item from the installation warranty. If there’s a reason for one of those parties to blame the problem on the other they probably will. This can put the property owner in a frustrating no-win situation where nobody will take responsibility for the roof issue.

When you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your commercial roof, you must understand the terms of your warranty, how close you are to the end of the warranty, and whether the root of the problem falls under manufacturer or installation warranty.

Your Roof’s Age and What it Costs to Repair

All commercial roofs have an expected useful lifespan, depending on the type of roof, the materials its constructed with, weather conditions, and proper installation. The closer the roof is to the end of its expected useful lifespan, the more likely it is that a replacement will be a more cost-effective solution. Cost of repair also plays a factor – a very inexpensive repair might be worthwhile even on a roof thats near the end of its useful life.

In general, in Texas, you can expect about 20 years from a flat roof (more properly called a low-slope roof). Sloped or pitched roofs may give between 15 years (for asphalt shingle) and 50 years (for some tile roofs).

Tax Considerations

Depending on where your building is located, there could be tax incentives available for installing energy-efficient commercial roofing. Also, some roof repairs can be tax deductible. This could have a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness of your repair or replacement choice. Check your local, state, and federal tax guidelines.

Your Specific Needs

Your commercial building’s roof is a major and most important investment. It can be extremely valuable to have a professional, experienced commercial roof repair contractor inspect the condition of your roof and identify the most cost-effective way of repairing or replacing it. Here at Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors, we have extensive experience with the needs of Texas commercial roofs. Contact us today for a professional evaluation at (512) 333-7663.

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