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You need an experienced hail damage roofer when you have serious damage can be caused to a roof by hailstorms. A hailstone can crack or bruise roofing shingles, which can potentially lead to your home becoming water damaged. Although roof damage caused by hail cannot always be damaged, there are things you can to help minimize the extent of this type of damage by discovering problems early, taking the appropriate action to replace or repair your damaged roof as soon as you, and having Class 4, impact-resistant roof shingles installed. Getting Your Roof Inspected for Hail Damage Some forms of roof damage can be hard to detect from the ground. You will need to get as close as your can to the surface of your roof to completely inspect it. We recommend that you get an inspection scheduled with a trustworthy professional roofing contractor to thoroughly and safely inspect your roof. A majority of roofing contractors offer free estimates and inspections. If you decide to inspect the roof on your own, make sure that you follow all of the appropriate safety measures.

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Three convincing reasons why your roof evaluation should be left to the professionals 1. Your safety is important. Being able to detect some damage requires going up on the roof. Most homeowners should leave the process of climbing up on ladders and roofs with steep slopes to an experienced professional. 2. A trained eye is needed. For the untrained eye, significant storm damage may not look to be that serious. However, an experienced and knowledgeable GAF Master Elite Contractor will know how to assess the signs of damage. 3. A professional will be able to explain the damage to your roof to an insurance adjuster. Somebody will need to show the damage to your insurance adjuster. Master Elite Contractors are trained to detect damage and talk to the adjuster in their language, so they can clearly communicate and help to ensure that your losses are covered properly. In order to find a trustworthy and experienced GAF factory-certified local area contractor, go to gaf.com/contractor. If hail has damaged your roof, it can be hard to understand whether it is just cosmetic damage or it can impact your roof’s performance as well. If water is being allowed to pass through the roofing system due to hail damage, it is a performance problem and needs to be repaired as quickly as possible in order to prevent your home from being seriously damaged by water. If granule loss on the roof shingles has been caused by hail damage, it can affect the shingle’s performance as well, along with its aesthetics. The granules that are on asphalt shingles protect the asphalt against UV light degradation from the sun. Although a roof leak might not develop immediately, shingles with lost granules are at greater risk of failing earlier than necessary. The Storm Restoration Process The process of restoring a roof following a storm can vary between roofing companies. Here is the overall process: 1. An initial inspection will be done by the contractor to assess the damage that your roof has sustained. 2. If there is any damage, the homeowner will be encouraged by the contractor to file a claim with the insurance company. 3. The contractor and insurance adjuster will meet again at the property and perform an assessment together. It is very important that the assessment is done together by both of them to ensure that all damage is detected. 4. After the claim has been approved, the homeowner and contractor will meet to discuss the options that are available and select the right kind of materials for the project. 5. Next the work is scheduled in stages. The first project to be completed will be roof replacement. If other work is needed, like repairs of siding and gutters is will be done after the repair work has been completed. 6. The completion paper will then be submitted to the insurance company by the contractor. That will certify that all of the work has been completed. 7. A payment will be issued by the insurance company after they have verified that the work has been completed. Important tip: Ensure that your roofing contractor meets with your adjuster to ensure that all of the damage is detected.

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Insurance Claim Process Hail Roof Damage ContractorsHail damage is covered by most insurance policies. However, it is best to thoroughly review your homeowner’s insurance policy, particularly if you live in an area that is prone to having hailstorms. The following are some of the most common stipulations that are linked to hail-related insurance claims: Usually, homeowners have up to a year to get a claim filed. A majority of policies require you to make a deductible payment before an insurance company will pay its share. Your premium rate may go up if you file a claim. Some states might have percent-based deductibles (states with high frequencies of hail claims). Cosmetic roof hail damage might not be covered by insurance 1. Inform Your Insurance Company – If you suspect that your roof is damaged, inform your insurance company. 2. Document the Damage – A damage assessment should be completed by your professional roofing contractor including photos that can be shared with the insurance adjuster. 3. Wait For The Insurance Claim Decision – The insurance adjuster often does this on site. Make sure to have a professional damage assessment conducted before you accept the claim decision. 4. Receive Your Payments You will receive the payment directly instead of your contractor. It will typically be made in two parts. The actual cash value payment will be made immediately and then a replacement amount will be paid after the roof has been replaced or repaired. 5. Premium Discount. After the work has been completed, check with your insurance company to see if your qualify for insurance premium discounts. Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors (512) 333-7663 has been serving the greater Austin area for over 17 years. Call us when you need help with hail damage to your roof. Also, if you have hail damage on a building with a metal roof, visit our sister site Taurus Elite Roofing.

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