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Do You Think You May Need a New Roof?

You might think you don’t need to start thinking about a new roof until the old one starts leaking, but if you wait until then it will be more costly. Why? By the time you see the leak, damage to the structure of your home will already have occurred and it will be more costly to rectify. 

Here’s some things to look for to help you decide if its time to hire a roof installation contractor to install a new roof on your property:

How old is your current roof? If it was installed right and with proper materials, an asphalt shingle roof should last around 20 to 25 years, maybe longer, and a tile roof could last 30 years or longer. It also could depend on how many layers of shingles your roof has, if it’s an asphalt shingle roof, and if it has been ventilated like it should be. If you’ve lived there a long time and you’re not sure when the roof was installed, you might want to get a professional roof inspection.

• Go outside and view the roof. Are the lines of your shingles straight or is there sagging or other issues? If its sagging it could mean the sheathing under the shingles is rotting. Pay close attention to the valleys, which are one of the most important aspects of your roof – it’s where rain flows to get to the gutters and down off the roof to the ground.

• Do you view cracked, curled or broken shingles? Are there cracked or broken tiles? As shingles and tiles get older, they will deteriorate. Do you see any shingles or tiles missing? Also, look to see if all of the tabs or end pieces are intact.

• If you have a chimney, Is the flashing constructed with roof cement or tar? Chimneys can be a critical weak spot on a roof and needs to have a long-lasting, moisture-tight fitting such as sturdy metal flashing.

• Go into your attic, either in the middle of or right after a hard rain, and look for signs of leaking or interior water damage. Also look if there’s any daylight you can see streaming through the roof where it shouldn’t be.

If you observe any of these warning signs, employ a qualified, professional roof inspector give you aa opinion.

Hire an Experienced Roof Installation Contractor

How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

Considering the investment that a new roof installation takes, it’s critical to know at the different factors that can influence the price to replace your roofing system. 

There’s a fairly wide price range for the different kinds of roofs that are available — from asphalt shingles to metal, tile, and slate — and the kind of material you pick will be the most important of the expense factors.  

Nationwide, homeowners spend an average of about $12,0000 to $15,000 to tear-off and replace an asphalt roof. A metal or tile roof installation averaged $17,000 to $20,000, and could be a lot more depending on the materials you chose. As a comparison, roof repairs for different leak issues, shingle or tile replacement, and minor fascia work will cost homeowners around an average of $00 to $1000 on average. 

The roof’s pitch and square footage also play a big factor in the price, as does the accessibility to the roof itself. Be sure you acquire at least three quotes for a new roof installation before hiring your roofing contractor, and make sure those bids take all of these factors into consideration so you’re comparing apples to apples and you aren’t taken back by any added costs in the middle of the project.

Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

Roof Installation Contractors in AustinInstalling a new roof on your property will be one of the biggest investments you will make as a property owner. If everything goes as planned, it’s an investment that should last 20 to 30 years or maybe longer. But it also makes it risky, because while there are a lot of experienced, honest and professional roofing contractors, there are also a lot of bad, inexperienced and incompetent companies. That’s one of the reasons why roofing has always been one of the most frequently searched projects and professions on the internet. 

When hiring a roof installation contractor, follow these tips to get the most out of your hard-earned investment:

• Ask the contractor to show you proof of licensing, (if required in your area), and their workman’s comp and liability insurance. Be sure to write down the contractor’s insurance info and verify it personally with their insurance representative, so you can verify that it does actually exist. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau office to check if they have any complaints that are unresolved.

• Get references of past projects and customers and be sure to follow up and call them. If the roofing contractor acts uncomfortable or put off when they’re asked for references or proof of insurance, you should be wary of them and probably choose some other contractor for the project.

• Be especially leery of someone that knocks on your door offering a special deal, especially if its after a major storm that’s done a lot of damage in your area. There are some reputable, reliable roofing companies that look for projects this way, but it’s also a tactic that scammers use.

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