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Should You Replace or Repair Your EPDM Roofing?

EPDM Roofing is a popular rubber roofing material, constructed in the form of a membrane, that many commercial businesses tend to use on the buildings. It is called Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, yet it is more popularly known as EPDM roofing material. In the state of Texas, this is the premier membrane material to use because of how it can endure the extreme weather in this region of the United States. Not only is it extremely popular, but it tends to be one of the least expensive ones that you can obtain. There are some drawbacks that you should be aware of despite the benefits of using this membrane. For those that would opt for placing a new membrane over an old one, this can lead to future problems. Here is an overview of the many affordable ways that you can repair your EPDM roof.

What Is EPDM Used For?

Commercial Flat Roof ContractorsIf you own a bicycle that you ride on a regular basis, you are likely aware of the inner to inside of each bike tire; the material that it is made from is typically EPDM that comes from recycled rubber. From a commercial roofing standpoint, this material is also very valuable, especially that which is made of lighter shades of the material. It will easily reflect light, which will minimize the amount of ultraviolet light that can affect the roof itself. To install this, it is simply glued onto the surface of the roof, going all the way out to its perimeter.

Top Characteristics Of an EPDM Roof

If you work on commercial roofing projects regularly, EPDM membranes are often used, and they come in either white or black configurations. You can also choose membranes that are various sizes and lengths. Once it is fastened down, it will provide your roof with protection, preferably with an adhesive that will last. There is also the option, especially for those with a rock or gravel roof, to create what is called a ballasted roof using the EPDM.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are some drawbacks associated with this material. Although it is inexpensive to use, there are some disadvantages:

Flashing Failure Possibilities – in some cases, the installation of flashing to prevent flooding at the roof level may fail to work.
Potential Shrinkage – this material, in many cases, will begin to shrink over time which can cause it to become dislodged.
Water Damage – when this occurs, it is typically because seem will open, exposing the decking material to water which can lead to more serious damage.
Seam failure – as the adhesive is exposed to weathering, it can be overexposed causing it to degrade.

The Importance of Inspections

In the state of Texas, commercial roofing begins with a visual inspection which must be done in order to determine how the roof is doing. If any problems are noted, compulsory steps must be taken in order to mitigate potential damage from happening. There should also be inspections of any saturated area that could be beneath the membrane itself.

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