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What Causes the Need for Commercial Metal Roof Repair?

Metal Roof Leaks…What Are The Causes?

Mistakes in the design and installation of a new metal roof are sources of major problems. Typically the areas where problems occur are not in the system selection. The majority of the problems that cause metal roof leaks and the need for commercial metal roof repair are related to the details used to finish the metal roof system. These mistakes are not immediately evident after the installation. They may take time to develop.

Here are five of the most frequent problems encountered during a metal roof condition assessment.

Openings in the Horizontal Seams

It is difficult and sometimes not possible to make metal roof panels that extend the full rafter length of the building. In some designs the project designer will limit the length of the panels based on expansion and contraction.

As a result of the restriction on panel length, the installer has to install horizontal seams into the roof system. These horizontal seams run perpendicular to the standing seams in the metal roof.

Horizontal seams are prone to separation over time. In hydrostatic metal roof systems, this can create an opening that allows water to enter back into the building.

Openings in Penetration Flashing

Commercial Metal Roof Reopair CompaniesMetal roof systems are prone to expansion and contraction. This is a result of the metal panels moving because of temperature changes. This movement creates stress at points of attachment as well as at the penetrations through the roof system. The stress leads to the breakdown of the flashings at the penetrations which results in roof leaks.

Metal roof systems are constructed by attaching individual metal panels together at the seams. Once the metal roof systems are installed they are very difficult to remove and disassemble.

Unlike an asphalt shingle system they do not disassemble to allow for a repair of penetration flashing. This makes long-term repairs more difficult to address especially if the penetration is installed after the metal roof is installed.

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Metal Roof Oxidation

Metal roofs are made from a wide variety of materials. These include steel, aluminum, tin, copper and zinc. Some of these materials are subject to oxidation. Most metal roof panels are made from sheet metal that has been coated with a protective surface. Over time this coating can wear away leaving the metal panels to oxidize.

Surface oxidation can lead to problems. These problems can include structural failure if the metal roof system is a structural system. Oxidation also impedes repairs. Metal panel oxidation at exposed fastener heads can make sealant application difficult.

Fasteners Backing Out

Metal roof systems typically include a combination of exposed and concealed fasteners. These fasteners can be nails or screws. Exposed fasteners typically have a neoprene washer that seals the fastener head to the surface of the metal roof panel.

Overtime fasteners have a tendency to back out of their seated position. This can be for various reasons. Wind uplift can lead to fastener back out. Metal panels will vibrate under wind conditions leading the fasteners to back out. Freeze-thaw can also lead to fastener back out. As the neoprene washer dries out water can enter in. In winter time conditions the water can freeze and expand leading to the fastener back-out.

Open Ridge/Headwall Flashing

Roof systems need to terminate into other conditions on the surface of the building. These conditions include rising wall details where the roof system matches into other surfaces. An example of this would be a metal roof system ending into a rising wall below a sign band on a shopping center.

This is an area where weakness typically develops. In many cases it is because of poor detail from the original installation. These details require closure strips to prevent water from blowing back into the detail. Contractors may forgo the installation of this closure strip. Initially the underlayment waterproofs the roof system against the blow-back. As the underlayment ages moisture can penetrate into the roof system.

There are other sources of potential metal roof leaks. These five are very common sources that can be checked initially. Knowing where to look for potential leaks is only half of the battle.

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Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing Options For Buildings

Experienced Commercial Metal Roofing Services

Commercial metal roofing offers durability and an aesthetic that is very appealing. It has been the preferred material for roofs and siding for commercial building owners and architects for a long time. The combination of versatility, affordability, and performance makes metal an excellent option for all different types of commercial building projects.

Why Opt For Metal Roofing?

Compared to other types of used materials, metal commercial roofing provides a good alternative. Other options might have lower upfront costs, but they often require more maintenance and shorter life spans.

Metal roofs can last for sixty years or even longer and only need a minimal amount of maintenance. They can withstand winds of up to 140 miles an hour. They will also not erode or crack from severe weather. In addition, metal roofing is energy-efficient and fire-resistant.

Curved Roofing Systems

This type of roofing system is an excellent option for commercial roofing projects, whether it is used as a design accent or for a while roof. Often they are made at the job site and include a standing seam system for walkway covers, curved roofs, or arched canopies.

Retrofit and Recover Systems

If you have an aging or deteriorating roof, then having a complete replacement done might no be a viable solution over the long term. This is especially true if your roof has a 1/4:12 or greater slope with a conventional membrane and requires ongoing maintenance due to UV degradation or moisture damage. If your commercial roof is on a pre-engineered building and is thirty to forty years old, it will also be beneficial to have a new roof directly placed on top of pre-existing metal panels. Retrofit and Recover systems can offer the same benefits that standing seam metal roofs do without having to completely replace the roof.

Exposed Fastener Panels

The type of metal roof is the most affordable solution for various commercial building projects. The system is equipped with overlapping panels that you directly secure to the roof deck via the metal facing. They are referred to as “exposed” due to the fastener head still being visible after they have been installed. Usually, these panels are wide so the installation requires fewer panels.

• Mega-Rib
• 5V
• Multi-Cor & M-Cor
• Multi-Rib
• R-Panel
• Mesa
• Max-Rib

Canopy, Fascia, and Soffit System Options

Before a metal roof is installed on a commercial building, it is highly recommended that the same material be used for the commercial project’s canopy, fascia, and soffit. These can be used for vertical and horizontal installations and in various conditions. Whether you are using them for roof eaves, canopy installations, or porch ceilings, they can provide your commercial building with an attractive finishing touch.

• Matrix
• Marquee-Lok/Marquee II
• FW

Simulated Tile and Metal Shingles

These options combine the aesthetic appearance and curb appeal offered by traditional shingles or cedar, ceramic, and slate tiles while also providing the same performance that metal does. They have become a very popular option for commercial buildings. They are a very affordable, reliable, fast, and easy solution. Metal shingles are available in a wide range of styles and colors and are energy-efficient, durable, and realistic-looking.

• Milan (Steel Shingles)
• Met-Tile – Metal Roof Tiles

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Insulated Metal Panels

Commercial Metal Roofing CompaniesWhen it comes to metal building products, insulated metal panels represent the cutting edge. They are a composite type of panel that is comprised of a metal skin exterior along with a polyisocyanurate insulated foam core. They come with about a three-hour fire rating and offer superior weather-tightness. That means they are the ideal solution for commercial buildings with specific climate-control requirements. They are produced using a continuous poured-in-place manufacturing process. They can be used either horizontally or vertically, and also have a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Concealed Fastener and Standing Seam Wall Systems

This type of roofing system comes with a series of panels. Raised seams over the flat surface support and connect the panels. Instead of the panels sitting flush against the roofing deck, these seams make it possible for the panels to snap together with one another and also with a mechanical interlock without them being visible or exposed. In addition to providing a sleek and modern appearance, standing seam systems make it possible for panels to expand and contract with changing temperatures to help them and up better over time.

Select the right metal roof for a commercial building is an important decision. The expense should not outweigh selecting the best roofing contractor to make sure that the roofing solution is properly installed. For more information, contact us today.

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