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The Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

7 Of The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Whenever your roof is leaking you have a tendency to panic. However, a majority of leaks simply need minor repairs and do not necessarily indicate that your roof has to be replaced or is failing. A majority of these issues are easy to rectify, and doing so will prevent more expensive repairs or replacement not needing to be done right away. You should repair roof leaks just as soon as you discover them since it will help to prevent your room from deteriorating further that can lead to interior damage, mildew, and mold, in addition to potentially needing to be able to replace it. Therefore, don’t panic. When you do discover a leak, the following list of the 7 most common roof leak causes in the Valley can be used to determine what the issue is and get it fixed before it gets even worse. If your attic is not vented properly, moist, warm air from underneath can collect, and in time, there will be a build up of condensation and lead down back through the ceiling.

Faulty Flashing – Flashing is the leading cause of roof leaks, which is the thin metal sheeting surrounding the openings of the roof, that is either cracking or faulty. Flashing will not last forever and will start to crack or split before the roof needs to be replaced, and that is why leaks are so common here. To fix the problem, you just need to pull the shingles up that are covering the flashing edges and take the faulty piece out. Your roofer will put new flashing surrounding the opening and then nail it down. Use a sealant to cover the heads of the nails and the repair is then completed. The nails heads will be then e sealed and the area surrounding the opening and finally, the shingles will be replaced. It’s an easy repair to do.

Cracked and Broken Shingles – Missing, broken, and cracked shingles can cause numerous problems. They can be spotted quite easily and are not hard to replace. They may be cracked by flying debris or hail, or just wear out and begin to crack. If the other parts of the roof are still in good shape, usually you can just replace the faulty shingles.

Your roofer will raise the shingles up that are covering the edges of the broken one and take them out. Then they will put in a new shingle, nail it down, and then replace the shingles hey lifted up in order to expose the problem area.

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Missing Valley Sealant – The roof valleys must be sealed properly since moisture has a tendency to pool in that area. If it was not sealed properly, or, if the sealant is starting to break down, then it might leak in the area following a rainstorm. In order to repair it, the roofing contractor will use the new sealant to coat the bottom part of the valley and overlap the sides of the valley in order to cover it properly.

Commercial Roof Repair CompaniesBad Vent Boots – For example, gas vents, are pipes that stick out 2 feet over the roof. Around the base, there is a boot around the vent that prevents water from getting in. Over time, the boot will split or crack and let moisture in. The roofer will pry the old boot up and remove any adhesive and nails that are holding it down. A new boot will then be put over the vent and caulk will be sued to seal it to the roof shingles.

Debris in Gutters – Gutters exist to direct water away from the foundation and roof. If they become clogged with debris water will back up and get under the roof underlayment and shingles. If there is a leak near the gutter, it may be caused by water back up due to debris.

In order to repair it, just take out whatever leaves or debris are causing the backup so that the water can start to smoothly through them once again.

Attic Condensation – The problem may be inside your attic instead of your roof. If you happen to see any indications of mildew or mold, most likely your attic has a condensation problem. The solution is to install attic ventilators will circulate air and make sure it stays dry in order to prevent mold and moisture from developing.

Regular Wear and Tear – Over time the shingle on a roof can start losing their protective granules and leaks can be caused by regular wear and tear. You can end up causing the problem yourself through doing things such as getting objects off of the roof, installing or fixing things such as satellite dishes, or just removing debris. So don’t go on the roof other than what is absolutely necessary, since those kinds of the leaks are the type that leads to replacement most often. You will need to contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof to figure out if that is what the problem is.

Quickly Fix Your Leaks – When there is a leak, sometimes the tendency is to put it off since you think it is going to be too expensive to fix it. Unfortunately, when it comes to roof leaks, that’s the worst thing you could possibly do since the problem will just continue to get worse over time, which makes it more expensive. Therefore, the cheapest and most cost-effective option usually is getting your leaks repaired as soon as you discover them. Remember, that a leak may have several causes, so don’t think it is always the worst-case scenario. Each time you discover a leak, be sure to have a professional roofing contractor inspect it in order to pinpoint what the cause is.

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