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The Most Common Commercial Roof Maintenance Issues

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It can be an overwhelming task trying to keep up with commercial roof maintenance. In this article, we will be providing a detailed discussion of some of the more common commercial roofing problems.

The roof is responsible to protect your office or home from snow, rain, and other external issues. An efficient and strong roof can save you from unpleasant and uncertain external factors. As a result, your roof requires a great deal of extra attention and care in exchange for performing such a critical task. If you would like to extend the lifespan of your commercial roof, then regular maintenance and inspections need to be performed in order to keep it in top condition. If left unchecked, havoc can result and a commercial roof will often need to be replaced early, which places extra schedule and monetary process onto your business.

The responsibilities of a business owner are definitely very demanding. Owners need to closely watch every potential business aspect, including its working conditions and operations. Knowledge is key when roof maintenance and repairs are concerned. If you don’t know what the problem is and the reasons behind it, then you will have to completely depend on a roofing contractor. If you are naive opportunities can take complete advantage of you and steal your hard-earned money from you.

Commercial roofs are very susceptible to such elements as harsh weather conditions as well as other forms of damage. When your commercial roof is taken care of properly, you can significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear to extend the lifespan of your roofing system.

Roof Leaks

A majority of commercial roofs are made these days as low-slope which increases the energy efficiency of the roof. However, low-slope roofs do not have the ability to shed water. This can result in ponding and water stagnation. Continuous pounding may weaken the roofing materials, which can result in water seeping into the roof’s inner layer. Leaks are created when water seeps into the roof. These leaks can happen on industrial, commercial, and residential roofs.

Other factors that contribute to roof leaks include animal and bird intrusion, weather conditions, age of the roof, and more. It can take time for leaking problems to become evident. However, conditions such as water patches on wall top corners or the ceiling, discoloration, and spots of mold are some of the main early warning signs of possible leaks.

Water PondingĀ 

Austin Commercial Roof Replacement CompaniesStanding water or water poinding is another problem that is commonly experienced by commercial roofs. The problem most commonly occurs in flat and low slope roofs that work based on a waterproofing mechanism rather than water-shedding.

Ponding water accumulates mostly when a roof does not have the proper draining mechanism. It occurs when the gutters and downspouts are dirty and clogged. Accumulated debris and clogs hinder the flow of water, which results in standing water.

Severe roof leaks can be caused by water ponding. In addition, the weight of the roof is increased by standing water which threatens its structural integrity. If the weight exceeds the roof’s load-bearing capacity, it can completely collapse as a result.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is often associated with water damage. Storm damage is much more disastrous on the ground when compared with water damage. The functional and structural integrity of your roof can be threatened by the damage from hail storms, dust, and rain. Continuous hail collision may weaken or even break some areas of the roof such as skylights.

If damage is not addressed for a long period of time, larger problems such as sudden roof collisions can result. Therefore, it is best to have an Alberta commercial roofing contractor inspect your roof after each hail or snow storm so complex problems can be avoided.

Commercial Roof Repair Contractors with Needed Experience

Mechanical DamageĀ 

Spare roof space is used by many businesses for storing roofing as well as other kinds of equipment. If there is equipment stored on your roof, it will susceptible to suffering mechanical damage. When left untreated, mechanical damage, like all other forms of roofing damage, may cause serious problems or the roof can completely fail.

Holes, Punctures, And Scrapes

These are usually caused by debris accumulation, wildlife intrusions, and heavy foot traffic. They are also referred to as silent damages since holes, punctures, and scapes frequently go unnoticed and over time keep building up.

Those damages can wreak havoc on your roofing system’s functional and structural integrity. When left unaddressed, those damages may cause mold formation, rotting, and possible roof failure. When it comes to punctures and scrapes, the most problematic factor is they often void the installer’s and manufacturer’s warranties.

Old Membrane

A majority of commercial roofing systems will last from fifteen up to twenty years. Even when your roof is well taken care of, after a certain amount of time, the roof elements and membranes will need to be replaced. If age is not factored into your roof inspection, then your building is going to be at risk for major roofing problems and sudden roof collapse.

Therefore, always ensure that you hire a professional roofing company that incorporates all relevant aspects when your roof is being inspected for potential damages.

To conclude, commercial roofs need to have the appropriate attention and care. If you fail t do this, your roof may experience multiple problems which could result in roof failure.

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