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Tips For Getting Through Storm Season

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In Texas, the weather is pretty bad at times and on most instances, property owners and managers easily brush the weather off. However, due to these severe conditions, their roofing systems suffer quite the damage after some time and they go into much of the nervous panic. As such, no matter the type of system you have you should always be ready if you should ever have to face those summer thunderstorms or even wind storms. However, even if you don’t face such storms your roofing system will still be in contact with the natural elements of the environment such as wind, dust and rain.

It’s never too late or too early to start preparing your roof and property. Our article features several helpful tips to get you and your roof through any storm!

Commercial Roof Repair ContractorsFirstly, you’ll need to secure all of your windows and doors so that if there is any heavy or even lighter debris traveling at extreme speeds, they won’t break any glass boundaries and come in. However, if they do manage to get in, the initial pressure of the indoor atmosphere will decrease and of course your roof then acts as a really huge parachute. So, in order to avoid this from happening, secure your windows and doors during peak season.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to remove inventory from your compound. Due to the strength of any monsoon storm, you’ll probably have some damage after. As such, you’ll want to be prepared for your insurance providers when the send over the guys in suits to evaluate your property. So, you’ll need to be completely ready by taking videos and even helpful pictures to show to the evaluator.

Our third point is properly securing any loose objects on your roof. If it can fly, chances are it will damage either your home or another nearby. And if you have patio furniture out, you should definitely store them in a shed or in your garage. Additionally, you should also aim to protect not only your home but your vehicles as well; if for some reason you don’t own a garage, simply move them in a clear area away from large trees and possible objects that can fall on them.

Experienced Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

When it comes to dealing with your roof, you’ll want to keep branches at least six feet away. This is to simply prevent any whip like actions that go on to damage your roof even more. However, you should also pay attention to those that grow too close to your roof’s edge since this is the area that goes on to prevent and protect in the case of air lifting.

After the damage has been done, you’ll need to make some insurance claims. Ensure that your insurance is up to date. After experiencing damages, you’ll need to call in a professional to aid with removing or even repairing. And, they will come fully prepared with tarps and a crew to get straight to work.

Before The Storm Arrives

Before facing any storm, you’ll want to as they say secure the hatches since the wind is the biggest factor that will affect your roofing system. In this case you’ll need to perform the following steps:

If you’re fastening the deck during a replacement session, you can simply add to the initial strength with the use of ring shank nail.

After time your shingles will become loose, simply re-cement them in order to prevent lifting and tearing. Such damages leave your roof unprotected as moisture approaches.

Be sure to seal your membrane with roofing tape in order to reduce your chances of moisture coming into your attic.

Prepare And Repair – Or Restore

If you’re looking to repair, the best option is to have a professional come in and do a thorough inspection to look for weak spots that can compromise your roof during a storm. The following are some restoration techniques that can be suited to your roofing type.

Shingle Roof – Your flashing should be properly aligned, sealed and checked for separation as well as corrosion and rust. When your seal is poor, the tabs are left to eventually lift as well as become curled. So, if your protective granules have gone missing, it might be time to reseal and replace, Additionally, you should ensure that the contractor looks into resealing any faulty turbine vents.

Tile Roof – Raisers, ridges, tiles, flashing and your fasteners should be doing their job properly. Tiles which have slipped, delaminated, chipped or even those that are slipping should be replaced or repaired. This is simply due to the fact that flying tiles are going to be a major hazard during strong winds.

Metal Roof – Metal systems are quite strong be you should still be on the lookout for unseated flashing and incorrect fasteners that are no longer functioning.

Flat Roof – In the case of a flat roof, inspections should be done in order to rule out pooling as well as broken surfaces, buckling, loosened fasteners and of course flashing issues.

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