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Top Questions for Your Roofing Contractor

Find a Roofer You Can Trust

There are several questions you need to ask any roofing contractor you’re considering hiring to work on your roof. You need to do due diligence to make sure you’re hiring someone that is professional, insured, reliable and trustworthy. Installing, replacing or repairing your roofing system can be one of the more costly improvements you will make on any commercial or residential property you own. These are some tips for the most important questions to ask to assure you’ll be getting the best possible workmanship on your property.

1 – How Long Have They Been in Business?

To determine the experience a roofing company may have regarding your type of roof, is to enquire as to how long they have been established in your community. A successful, trustworthy roofing company will have survived the economic downturn from the recent past and have a long, strong history in your area. Something to be wary of are fly-by-night roofers that show up after sever storms offering to help property owners with their roofing issues. Unfortunately, most of these companies do shoddy work and leave town quickly before complaints start coming in. Its critical to make sure you’re working with a professional local roofer you can trust will be here after the repairs are complete.

2 – Are you Registered or Licensed Anywhere That can be Verified?

Some states don’t require roofing contractors to be licensed or registered. That makes it especially important to check companies out with other local organizations like trade organizations and the Better Business Bureau. You can also go online and check for negative reviews that have been verified and ask the contractor for the last 5 to 10 customers they have worked with, including contact information, so You can personally speak with others that have had experience with the contractor.

3 – Do They Have Proper Insurance?

Commercial Roof Repair CompanyAny reputable company will have workmen’s comp and liability insurance. They should also be bonded (so the property owner has recourse to be reimbursed if the contractor doesn’t do the job correctly). They should have at least $1 million dollars in liability and vehicle insurance. By law, they are supposed to have worker’s compensation to their employees, but if they’re not legally employable, they might not be doing what they need to and following these requirements. You need to ask to see copies of their certificates of coverage before hiring the contractor. Don’t just accept at face value a contractor saying they’re “licensed, bonded and insured”.

Roofing Services Should Only Be Hired Out to Trusted Companies

4 – Do You Have References I Can Call?

A reputable, confident roofing company won’t have any issues with providing plenty of past customers and references you can contact. Don’t skip this! Ask there references tough questions like how they did with their estimated timeline for the project, any issues or problems that occurred and what the overall experience was like. Get names, numbers and addresses so you can do your due diligence with each of these to check yourself how they performed on each project.

5 – What Type of Warranty Will I Get?

All roofing contractors will offer some sort of warranty for their work. Usually the warranty lasts for a year or more. It guarantees that if there’s any problems with the workmanship or the materials, they will fix the issues while the warranties are in place at no cost to you.

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