Gina Mayfield

It’s hard to decide where to begin with my high praise for this company, its owner and employees. I am a seriously discerning customer and did a great deal of comparative shopping, collecting of quotes and online research before I determined to hire Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors. I feel so smart now because they did a stellar job.

I feel like my family now has a “Go To” company that we can count on to do excellent work and treat us fairly and honestly. We have the combination here of two very old fashioned qualities and ways of doing business:

#1 Killer Customer Service
This includes the best communication I have ever received from any company. Every step of the way Mark was right there with an email, text or when needed a call. I always knew where we stood during the project, always. Mark went above and beyond more than once and delivered everything he promised on time and without any drama at all. Just good old fashioned master management skills (not to mention he actually rolled up his sleeves a few times and did several task himself, rare kind of bird that Mark).

#Excellent workmanship
These guys actually take pride in their work and in doing an honest days work. I wish you could all see the quality of work and craftsmanship Rey performed when he rebuilt our roof. Roberto , another fine associate with the company was the picture of a professional carpenter. And both of these guys managed their people with great skill and in a fashion I appreciated. Seemed like a good place to be working-my roof.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company. As a matter of fact I have already introduced Mark to my neighbor and plan to spread the word far and wide. We owe it to companies like this and to our friends and neighbors to share good news. This is a good news company.

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