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Ways To Solve Your Leaking Commercial Metal Roofing Problem

Do you currently own or manage a building that is covered by commercial metal roofing?

You may even be responsible for managing a property that has a standing seam system made out of metal. Regardless, a metal roof system is very common. These systems represent the majority of the roofing systems found in the country. Because of this, there is a very high chance you have one or that you’ve come across one if you’re a property manager.

If you have ever been responsible for maintaining this type of roof system, you’ve likely already dealt with potential leakage. Metal roof systems are unique in detail and because of it, they have similarly unique repair options.

These systems can be and continue to be used in a lot of different kinds of buildings. They are typically installed on residential properties which are usually on much steeper slopes. They are also commonly used on commercial installations and even industrial properties. Some of the industrial buildings that use metal roofing systems do so because of waterproofing benefits. Also, for its structural roof deck use-cases.

Are you someone that has experienced any kind of roofing leaks with a metal roof?

If so, you’re not the first one. These systems can be prone to leakage. This is especially true in certain areas of the system.

It’s truly all in the details. The quality of installation is just as important as the maintenance. Each of these things needs to be done to perfection. There are a lot of issues that can result from an improper installation. Some of the problems could include:

– Having open seams
– Dealing with open penetration flashing
– Having oxidation
– Dealing with fastener backout
– Panel damage
– Improper installation

Before getting into the different areas you can expect to develop potential leaks, you should know about some of the characteristics of the design of this type of system.

Structural versus Architectural

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration ContractorsYou’ll find that a metal roofing system can be installed either way. They can either be installed as an architectural roof assembly or as a structural one. The biggest difference between each of these is being able to use the structural one as a roof deck.

One that is architectural is completely installed over a different structural roof deck. Thus, these systems are more commonly used on residential properties. Also, you can find them on commercial properties including shopping centers. This is where you will find separate decks being used to support the panels.

A structural roofing system is pretty much exactly how it sounds. With this, the purpose of the design is to use the roof panels as the structural deck and the waterproofing system for the property. These systems are usually found on pre-engineered metal buildings. These systems are installed easier using clips that attach to the purlins located on the building.

Different Designs: Hydrostatic versus Hydrokinetic

The different design characteristic of this type of system is the slope. You will find these systems can either be installed on a low slope or a steep slope. Not considering the slope of installation is a big issue especially as it relates to metal roofing systems.

Thus, you want to ensure you are factoring in the slope when not only designing but also installing and maintaining said system. The NRCA considers a low-sloped roof system to be a roof that has a measurement of less than 3:12. Anything else is considered to be a steep one.

A hydrostatic metal roof system is fully designed to be able to hold enough water until it can optimally drain. These systems are good for keeping out leaks. These systems are usually the ones you will find on larger buildings. They are a lot more expensive to design and install, especially on a steeply sloped assembly. Along with this, these systems can be found on residential properties. Usually, tin and copper are used along with soldered flat seams for this type of system.

Hydrokinetic assemblies are designed to get rid of water. They are more for roofs that have steep slopes. These roofs can be found on both commercial and residential properties where the water cannot stay on them. If the water does remain in this type of system, it can result in leaks caused by a build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

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