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What Happens if You Don’t Repair Your Roof?

The Consequences of Not Repairing Your Roof

The importance of carrying out repairs when you notice leaks on your roof can be summed up in two words – consequential damage.

Water that enters into your building through the roof does more than just damage the exterior of your roofing system. It can cause extensive damage in the interior of your building leading to hefty repair costs and extensive damage. Additionally, it also shortens the lifespan of your roof.

This is what is known as consequential damage. Consequential roof damages have the potential of making you accrue huge and unplanned expenses. This post will discuss four negative effects that may occur to your building or business due to consequential damage.

1 – Damage to Your Equipment and Inventory

Any water seeping into your building can damage the floors, walls and ceilings. It can also ruin your inventory, equipment and furniture. If you notice water leaks in your property, you should act quickly and identify the source of the leakages and ways you can stop the leakage. To identify the problem quickly, you should check out the most common causes of leaks in a building such as open seams, holes, tears, cuts or a missing flashing.

2 – Slips and Falls

If there is moisture on the roof or the ground from a leak, it usually causes the risk of slipping or falling in the affected areas pf the building. This means that leaks can put you at risk of having to cough up compensation for claims filed by workers. Additionally, you also risk being sued by customers. You should be mindful of the high risk of slips and falling caused by moisture. Any leaks should therefore be remedied immediately.

Commercial Roof Repair in Austin Texas

3 – Wet Building Insulation

Austin Commercial Roofing ContractorsApart from damaging the structural integrity of your building, water leakages will dampen your insulation thereby contributing to higher utility costs. When the insulation material in a building gets dampened, it is nearly impossible to dry the water in the insulation in order to prevent moisture accumulation. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of energy, energy loses that are caused by thermal leakages as a result of even minor leaks can be as high as 70%. In order to spot wet insulation before it becomes an expensive problem, you should use scanning equipment that has infrared scanning capabilities. If you spot any wet insulation, remove it and replace it with insulation material that has a similar R-value thickness.

4 – The Presence of Insects and Mold

Moisture that accumulates in a building from a leaking roof can create a good environment for the growth of mold and bacteria. It can also attract cockroaches and other types of vermin. The cost of getting rid of mold and exterminating vermin can add up to a tidy sum if the problem is not handled in a timely manner. A leaking roof can also result in the violation of building codes, the disruption of business operations and a public relations disaster.

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