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What is Green Roofing?

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Green Roofing, by definition, applies to flat roofing  that has been built to accommodate gardens and elevated park-like vegetative areas. They can be turned into gardens that produce fruits and vegetables, edible plants and even sustain small fruit groves. It takes space that has usually been taken for granted and turned it into something useful. These parks and gardens can provide great insulation for the property from extreme temperatures and help reduce the phenomenon of urban heating or heat islands.

Nowadays green roofing involves not only garden roofs but a lot of different eco-friendly options that work for both residential and commercial properties. Green roofing can also refer to the different kinds of materials that are used in its construction and how the roof itself works with its environment.

Materials Used

Commercial property owners and residential homeowners are no longer limited to just shingle, tile, metal or shake options for their roofs. Some of the new choices they have include shingles that are reinforced with organic or fiberglas materials that make them better at their insulating functions, metal panels that will shed snow from properties in higher elevations and mountainous regions, and some recycled synthetic materials that help stimulate the other traditional roofing systems.

Austin Roof InstallationAs an example, synthetic shingles that have been recycled have become very popular. They’re made from recycled plastic and rubber materials, such as old tires and plastic water bottles, that are mixed in with wood waste. They are a lot like the popular composite decking materials used. These types of shingles can be put into molds to look like tiles, wood shakes and just about anything you can imagine. These are not only a great green roofing alternative, but they’re also lighter in weight than other roofing materials, are very UV, heat and fire resistant, and can last a long time – some as long as 50 years.

Another big area of innovation  is in solar panels. They are now being manufactured and shaped into small roofing tiles instead of the big, bulky panels we’ve seen in the past. They are connected together in one large system that works as well, or better, than the larger panels.

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Installation Methods

One method of getting green is by literally planting hundreds or even thousands of succulents or plants on top of your roofing system. But, thats not the only way you can go. Picking the correct roofing material and making sure its installed correctly is most critical. Poor installation methods not only cause complications later, but can allow heat, cold and water into your property, which can double or even triple your utility expenses.

One way is to choose a roofing material that fights heat, especially in the Southwest, particularly Texas. White coating thats used in built-up, foam and single ply roofing systems helps to reflect heat back away from your property, rather than allowing it to be absorbed into it, which can give you great energy savings.

Also, just about any roofing system can be used to install a solar system that will help lower utility costs and can be used to heat the water in your home.

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