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When Should Your Commercial Roof Be Replaced?

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It can be a lot more complex to replace a commercial roof than to replace a residential one. You not only need to weigh the roof’s condition against the projected costs of repairing it and maintaining it for its estimated remaining lifespan but you also need to consider how the work is going to impact our employee operations and customers. Will there be a lot of down time as your commercial roof installation in Austin is being done?

Will there be lots of equipment or noise impeding your productivity or workflow? An experienced and skilled commercial roofing contractor can provide you with feedback that is customized to meet your specific needs. However, the following is some general guidance in terms of what you need to consider when determining the best time for your commercial roof to be replaced:

Signs of Damage

A commercial roofing contractor should inspect your roof on a regular basis to determine your roof’s condition and to detect problems as they emerge or are within the early stages. If damage signs are discovered, it might be an indication that your roof is close to the end of its lifespan and might need to be replaced.

Be aware of the signs below of potential roof problems:

  • Bubbling. Commercial roofs are often prone to bubbling whenever moisture is trapped under them or underneath the underlayment. Bubbling is not simply aesthetic – it can make your roof quite vulnerable whenever high winds start to kick up, which in Texas can be common during storm season. You might be able to fix this problem by replacing shingles, or you might need to consider having a new roof installed.
  • Ponding. Water is supposed to run off the roof and down the gutters. If it does not do this, then you will end up having standing water, which is referred to as ponding. If pools of water sit on the roof it can cause its materials to degrade more quickly. Usually, ponding takes places because the foundation is weakened or damaged or the roofing materials were improperly installed.
  • Torn or missing tiles or shingles. Heavy winds or rain can tear off tiles or shingles, and leave your roof vulnerable. However, missing tiles or shingles also can be a sign that the materials are degrading and your roof is getting too old. You also need to search for signs of any shingle granules inside of your gutters. That can also be an indication of deterioration.
  • Loose or broken flashing. The areas surrounding the chimneys, vents, and other parts intersecting the roof are the areas that are most common for problems to arise. If you have loose or broken flashing, there can be serious damage that spreads throughout the roof and require it to be replaced.
  • Leaks. You might discover that you have a leaf due to having stains on your walls or ceiling. The problem might be more obvious, and there could be water dripping through the ceiling. Some leaks can be repaired, while others might be a sign that there is a more serious problem that needs to be solved.

The best way to determine whether any of the problems can be repaired or not is to have a qualified and experienced commercial roofing inspector perform an inspection. You will obtain a better idea of what might be causing the problems and whether or not the damage has spread a sufficient amount to need to consider replacing your roof.

Commercial Roof Replacement Contractors You Can Depend On


If your commercial roofing contractor in Austin informs you that you need to have a new commercial roof installed, you will want to seriously consider the timing.

Commercial Roof Replacement ContractorsFor instance, if you own a one-story, small building, to have a lot of work occurring can become a huge eyesore. Having contractors going in and out and work trucks in your parking lot can also be inconvenient for your customers. The loud noises might be distracting to both employees and customers. However, the work might not even be that noticeable if you own a multi-story building.

Carefully consider everything that is going on before scheduling any roofing work. Schedule the project so the building is prepared to make its best impression before your next busy season or big event. Also, schedule it so that it creates the least inconvenience to your business.

You can work closely with your professional, experienced, commercial roofing contractor in Austin to determine when the ideal timing is that will both protect your property and roof as well as cause the least amount of disruption.

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