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Why A Metal Roof Should Be Re-Coated

Commercial Metal Roof Re-Coating

Metal roof owners need to maintain their roofs on a regular basis. This can be done by re-coating a roof. This is a cost-effective method to preserve and renovate a metal roof’s protective layer. Re-coating offers an easy-to-maintain, sustainable roofing membrane without all of the safety concerns, disruption, cost, and time of having to tear an existing roof off and then replace it.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to re-coat a metal roof. They initially come with a factory finish coating that might be galvanized, have a fluoropolymer-based paint like Kynar 500, or Galvalume finished steel panels. However, as metal panels continue to age, and near the end of their lifespan, the coating starts to become compromised.

No matter what the original finish was, being exposed to the elements over the long term will result in its protective finish starting to deteriorate. Over time, rust will start to form and the roof’s structural integrity will be compromised and negatively impact the building’s aesthetics. Temperature fluctuations cause metal roofs to expand and contract. That results in the seams opening up and allows moisture to enter into the building’s envelope. Using the proper re-coating products and repair compounds will restore your metal roof to a condition that is like-new with the original substrate being used as is base.

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Re-coating materials are a type of sacrificial layer that protects the material. If they are maintained properly, panels won’t be exposed to the elements which can cause rusting, and panel deterioration ultimately. Re-coating metal roofs offer the advantages of a reduction in the volumes of construction materials that get sent to the landfills, and long-term lifespan cost savings.

When the coating of a metal roof is chalking, fading does not look appealing any longer. The building’s appearance can be enhanced by re-coating. A metal roof can be re-coated just because the owner wants to change the color of their roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair ContractorsAlso, when the coating on a metal roof is peeling, or there is rust on the surface, re-coating the roof increases its lifespan by increasing the corrosion resistance of the roof. Re-coating a roof costs less than re-roofing in situations where the roof is still functional but is susceptible to corroding and is no longer as attractive as it was in the past.

Re-coating is the environmentally preferable option by preventing waste from going into the landfills. This reduces how much energy is consumed when old roofs are torn off, new roofs are installed, and manufacturing and transportation.

Re-coating systems help to extend a metal roof’s lifespan and that is like having money in the bank. Restoring a metal roof’s coating is very beneficial and it is necessary to maintain the coating by re-coating your roof as needed. An elastomeric acrylic coating works as a shield to protect your metal roofing system against the elements, which includes hail and ice storms as well as ultraviolet radiation. Even when your roof has heavy rust, the existing rust is encapsulated to keep your roof watertight by repairing seams, cracks, and leaks, In addition, re-coating reduces the sound of the roof by moderating thermal shock.

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