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Your Options for Repairing or Replacing Your Commercial Metal Roof

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When deciding what to do about your commercial metal roof, the property owner and manager usually have three options. They can repair it, restore it, or replace the entire roof with a new roofing system.

When your metal roof is starting to leak, you have the make the same decision. Here is a guideline to help you decide whether you should repair, restore, or replace it.

Option 1 – Repair and Maintain

Metal roof systems typically have a lifespan of at least 30 years, but only if the original installation was done with high-quality workmanship. It is possible to repair a metal roof. Metal roof systems should be evaluated every two years so any problems can be identified early before they turn into something bigger and harder to fix.

Regular review and maintenance are the key to keeping a metal roof in good shape. If minor issues are addressed in time, there is less chance of any major problems developing down the road. Problems like oxidation can be fixed inexpensively. A roof check can discover fasteners that have come loose, and they can be tightened to prevent leaks. This is all part of the maintenance process.

Option 2 – Restoration

Commercial Metal Roof Repair CompaniesThe older the metal roof, the more likely it will develop leaks. Eventually, the condition of the roof will get to a point where the roof will need more comprehensive work. If restoration work is not done, the roof will continue to age and deteriorate. There is a narrow window of opportunity when restoration can still extend the life of the roof before replacement is required.

Restoring a metal roof requires certain procedures. These steps include tightening loose fasteners and protecting the roof with a rust inhibitor. There might be a need for further repairs depending on other damaged areas. After necessary repairs are made, a coating is applied to the roof for protection.

The material of the coating can one of two types. One is made from acrylic, and the other from urethane. Each one has limitations which must be considered when implementing a solution for roof restoration.

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Option 3 – Replacement

The roof can be replaced with an innovative metal retrofit system. This system is suitable for a metal roof that has a low slope. Generally, this new roof system is installed directly over the old metal roof so the old roof system becomes the metal deck to support the new roof system.

How it Works

The retrofit system uses insulation boards to fill in areas of the metal panels between the ribs. This process creates a surface that is flush. After this infilling is complete, another layer of insulation board is applied. This creates a durable surface where the roof membrane will be installed. At the end, a single-ply roof membrane is installed to finish off.

Simulated Standing Seam

Sometimes the property owner desires a metal roof, but certain conditions of the roof are not compatible with the retrofit system. Roofs with more complex layouts or where the deck surface cannot be nailed might restrict the usability of conventional metal roof panels.

To address the needs of these special roof projects, roofing manufacturers have created simulated standing seam roofing systems. One such system is the D├ęcor System from Sarnafil. This system starts with a standard PVC roofing system. After the roof is installed, a simulated standing seam rib is installed on the surface of the roof. This provides the appearance of standing seam, but it has the advantages provided by a single-ply roof membrane.

Traditional Metal Roof Systems

There are buildings where a metal roof is the most appropriate choice. There are different types of metal roof applications for these projects, such as metal roof shingles and standing seam panels. The right one depends on the other features of the project.

If you are unsure about the best roof for your building, call us. We can assess the current condition of your roof and help you make an informed decision on the most appropriate and cost effective roofing solution.

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