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Your Options for a Flat Roof

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Spray Foam

SPF, Spray Polyurethane Foam, Is now one of the most common materials used for flat roofing systems. It has a lot of advantages. Very lightweight and durable, with the proper application, it can resist all types of damage. One of its best features is that it is one of the most cost effective choices. Because its applied as a liquid that expands as its applied,  it makes a solid, seamless protective barrier  around vents, pipes, and anything else protruding from or attached to the roof.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen (MB) is asphalt with modifiers mixed in that make it seem like it has properties similar to plastic or rubber, which makes it a lot more durable. It usually has 6 or more layers that are bonded together. It has a very strong resistance to fire and moisture,. and also a high tensile strength that resist extreme swings in weather temperatures and damage from objects that it may encounter. And finally, MB has one of the lowest prices per square foot for a flat roof.

Armadillo Roofing is Austin’s commercial roofing leader of modified bitumen roofing systems (MBRs). Modified bitumen is an evolutionary offshoot of asphalt roofing. That is, while we use asphalting roofing materials in our MBR applications, we amalgamate them with a series of solvents and modifiers to optimize them.

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Single Ply

Single ply roofing membranes (known as PVC or TPO) is made of four elements: an insulation layer, a single ply membrane thats made Austin Commercial Roofingof plastic or rubber, flashing and adhesive. With the right application, single ply is very energy efficient and reflects a good amount of the heat from the sun off your property, lowering utility bills. Single ply is also very impact resistant, very lightweight and can accommodate a lot of different types of roof design. It can accommodate unconventional roof designs. It also has a life expectancy that can reach as much as 40 years or more.

Metal Roofing

Used more in a terrific fashion for low-slope roofs rather than completely flat ones. They’re usually made from steel, aluminum or copper they are very architecturally attractive. Metal roofs are also obviously extremely fire resistant, resistant to vegetative growth such as moss, works well against high winds and shedding snow. Also, metal roofing has an excellent lifespan, lasting up to 50 years or more if its properly installed and maintained over time.

We’re specialists in commercial metal roofing systems. Generally speaking, we use tiles or pieces of metal to create our metal roofing systems, in addition to a form of galvanized steel – that is corrugated – to form our metal sheeting apparatuses.

Green Roofing

For the ecologically conscious, we provide a green roof solution…literally. We can completely or partially cover your roof with vegetation and fauna. However, a water retardant membrane, drainage and irrigation system, and root barrier are installed underneath.

Armadillo Roofing is a pioneer when it comes to environmentally sound Austin commercial roofing solutions. For our environmentally conscious Austin commercial roofing clients, we generally implement green roofing systems. To do so, we will superimpose a green roof over an existing roof because a green roofing system is essentially an extension of an existing roof. We will ensure that the green roof is both root repellent and waterproof. We will also install an ample drainage apparatus, in addition to filtration cloth, and a large variety of foliage to infuse your roof with an organic roofing aesthetic.

Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors has been serving the greater Austin area for over 15 years. When you need a professional, experienced and trustworthy commercial roof repair contractor for your next commercial roofing project, give us a call at (512) 333-7663.

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